Campsite and Visitor Survey - 2001

Lake Temagami and Vicinity

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Recommendations - C

Regulating Houseboats

     To ensure  growing public opposition  doesn't evolve into  legislated prohibition against house boats  in Temagami  restrictions must be applied.  Since houseboats are self- contained living  accommodations there is no need for them to monopolize campsites  depriving traveling canoe trippers a place to pitch camp. The solution would be to establish a mandatory "code of ethics" to be distributed to commercial and private house boats  operators. This code would include rules governing the time, location and number of houseboats entering and tying-up in specified sections of Lake Temagami. The  Backcountry Patrol Ranger would monitor compliance .

     Houseboat tenants must be made to sign the backcountry etiquette rules as part of their charter agreement, before embarking on their trip. Part of those rules would include restrictions on the distance a houseboat can tie-up outside a cottagers dwelling or boat house.

     To prevent houseboats depriving campers of campsites, houseboat operators should refrain tying-up  alongside a campsite until after 9:00 PM in the months of July and August and 8:00 PM during the shoulder seasons. This will provide the opportunity for canoe campers to acquire a site after a long day's paddle.

Photo: Houseboats at Sandy Inlet on Lake Temagami Houseboats at Sandy Inlet on Lake Temagami.

Photo: Ian Huggett

     To prevent large fleets of houseboats crowding popular bays (e.g.. Ferguson Bay), a limit should be placed both on the number and days of the week docking inside the bay is permitted. For example; houseboats could be restricted to a maximum stay of three consecutive days in each of Lake Temagami's  communities . Each community, or section of Lake Temagami would permit houseboats during only three designated days a week. For example a maximum of three house boats  would be permitted inside Whitefish Bay , on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. In Ferguson Bay  a maximum of three houseboats  would be permitted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, etc...

     Commercial houseboat businesses should agree to voluntarily remove amplified sound equipment from their rental boats.

     Campsites exhibiting the negative impacts ( ex. broken glass) from repeated  house boat occupation  should be posted off limits to house boats. ( e.g. sign with illustration of house boat crossed out).

Reducing Noise

     Provide incentives for the replacement of antiquated outboard engines. Advertise the benefits to cottagers of four stroke engines.

     Prohibit all flight training in Temagami's lakes.

     Pursue  legal or political avenues to prohibit personal water craft( PWC).

     Enforce  speed restrictions within 100m of shore. (OPP)

     Investigate the possibility of imposing speed limits on Lake Temagami e.g. max. 50 Km/h.

     Encourage the phase out of resident youth camp generators and provide incentives ( tax reductions, etc.) for alternative sources of energy ( e.g.. solar).

Managing Privy Boxes

     The condition of installed privies should be regularly  monitored by the Patrol Ranger and guides leading resident camps ( see survey tables).

     Deliver and install privies to all campsites identified with high levels of terrestrial fecal matter (see tables).

     Install privies  at campsites where makeshift privies were identified as being within 12 feet of the water. All new installations should not be less than 30 feet from the water.

     Attach a label on the inside lid of boxes to remind visitors not to dump garbage and edible wastes down the hole.

     Allocate more funds into the construction of boxes.

     Build small boxes rather than freezer chest sized privies. The larger boxes, are more difficult to transport, and have no major advantage since the target area filling the hole remains the same diameter.

     Ensure all campsites used for "Counselors-in-Training" are equipped with boxes. Youth Camps using these sites on a regular basis must not exceed the 8 person/site limit and be responsible for cleaning the box.

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