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Photo: Latchford T-shirt "Some winters, it's cold enough to freeze the nuts off our bridge."

AUGUST 21, 2003

Latchford's 'Freeze the nuts' T-shirt

After the bridge collapse, this past winter, attributed to rusted nuts, Latchford has launched a commemorative T-shirt. It reads: Some winters, it's cold enough to freeze the nuts off our bridge."

The shirts are available from Latchford retailers and proceeds go to the community's multi-purpose building.

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Front of the

Nuts T-shirt.


AUGUST 19, 2003

Volunteers stop fire on Lake Temagami

On August 14, volunteers from Lake Temagami's volunteer First Response fire team extinguished a small fire on the mainland near Friday's Point.

Smoke was first spotted by Peter Healy of the Temagami Lakes Association (TLA) around four in the afternoon. Healy, using the TLA-operated lake-wide marine-band radio system, relayed a message to the TLA's radio operator who contacted the lake's volunteer firefighters.

Rick Flewelling and Barry Whitehead, who had seen the smoke, arrived first. They found a fire covering 100 square feet and went to work on it with water carried in a cooler.

Within fifteen minutes of the radio alert, firefighters Lance White, Bill Hand, Howie Frohlich, Sean Burrows and others arrived with portable fire pumps and extinguished the fire within an hour.

The cause of the fire appeared to be a campfire, located back from shore. According to Peter Healy, it was properly extinguished, but because it was built on duff and soil it had probably ignited an root underground. The location was not a known campsite and the campfire should not have been on the hazardous base.

Temperatures were above 30 C and the fire-hazard alert was high.

The TLA has operated a radio service on the lake since 1978. It remained on the air during Thursday's power blackout. The fire itself was spotted minutes before the blackout.

  WEBSITE:  Temagami Lakes Association  

AUGUST 18, 2003

Grand Campment Bay trail cleared to Timiskaming

Grand Campment Bay hiking trail brushing has been completed to the shore of Lake Timiskaming by members of Nastawgan Trails (NTI). The trail was re-opened last year to within 900 metres of the shore of Lake Timiskaming.

A short section on Owain Creek near the top of the trail was flooded by a busy beaver this year, but a drier route has been flagged.

High water levels on Lake Timiskaming this summer covered the beach at the bottom of the trail.

 HIKING TRAIL GUIDE:  Grand Campment

  WEBSITE:  Nastawgan Trails

Photo: Girl log rolling on Obabika Lake

AUGUST 7, 2003

Queen of the log

Alison Broadbent walks the walk during a log rolling competition at Alex Mathias' cabin on Obabika Lake this past weekend. Mary Helwig and David Rego are watching.



Photo: Brian Back



AUGUST 7, 2003

Rain leads to flies and high water

Rainy days have brought a big change from the last two dry, hot summers.

Water levels are high everywhere. Rivers that were empty last summer are running full.

Days are not as blistering as last year, and nights do not cool off either.

Mosquitoes that should have mostly let up are still heavy in the backcountry.

This is a good time to take trips that need water like Nasmith Creek, and consider staying on the more fly-tolerable large lakes for a little longer.

AUGUST 6, 2003

TLA cleans up Lake Temagami campsites

The Temagami Lakes Association cleaned up 74 Lake Temagami campsites this spring.

Supervisor Roxane Potts reported: "In general the campsites were in very poor condition. Human waste was a problem at some sites, but garbage was the biggest culprit. We found numerous old can dumps, broken lawn chairs left behind, campsite-made furniture such as tables and privies (often nailed to trees), contractors garbage such as old dock planks (especially in the Hub area) and general garbage such as pop cans, wrappers, beer bottles, caps and glass. The campsite located behind Sand Point has a large tub half filled with oil. We did not attempt to remove this tub because we feared spilling it."

Potts had three students from Temiskaming District Secondary School operating May 26 to June 6. They stayed at several youth camps for some of the nights.

Access points on the Mine Road and at Baie Jeanne were also cleaned, but the crew did not get to all campsites on the lake due to lack of time.

The TLA plans to continue installing privies this summer, as it has in the past, where soil conditions permit.

The Temagami Lakes Association represents ratepayers on Lake Temagami.

  WEBSITE:  Temagami Lakes Association

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