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FEBRUARY 26, 2005  

60 years ago Aubrey Cosens killed in action

Today is the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Aubrey Cosens in battle at Mooshof, Germany, during the Second World War. Cosens led his nearly-decimated platoon in a successful attack on a German position despite overwhelming opposition.

Shortly after his victory he was killed by a sniper. For his actions that day, in 1945, the young man from northern Ontario was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. The citation says for "outstanding gallantry, initiative and determined leadership of this brave NCO..."

The same year the soon-to-be pride of the Ontario Northland Boat Lines fleet on Temagami was named in his honour as the ML Aubrey Cosens VC.

  BACKGROUND:  Searching for Aubrey Cosens

FEBRUARY 23, 2005  

Digital topo maps available on the Web

Ontario Base Maps, the largest-scale Ontario topographical maps available, are now accessible on the Internet for free. The digital maps can be viewed online, or the data can be downloaded for use with certain software.

The resolution and quantity of marked information is vastly superior to federal 1:250,000-scale maps that have been available on the Internet for a number of years. The OBM maps, which cover most of Ontario, were produced by Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources with public money, but made available by a private company, ESRI Canada through its Geography Network Canada website.

  WEBSITE:  Ontario Base Maps

  WEBSITE:  Geography Network Canada homepage        

FEBRUARY 1, 2005    Updated Feb. 7

Ontario's oldest trees sought for new list

A research institute is seeking help finding Ontario's oldest trees. The preliminary list shows the oldest red pine is over 385 years of age and is in Temagami's White Bear Forest. 

The list is being compiled by ecologist Michael Henry of Ancient Forest Exploration and Research.

  WEBSITE: Oldest trees list

   CONTACT: mhenry@ancientforest.org


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