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DECEMBER 21, 2007

Ice conditions mixed

by Glen Toogood

Lake Temagami, Dec. 20 There is 2 3/4 inches of ice on the north side of Garden Island today. Some local and reputable riders report only about 1 1/2 inches over by mouth of the Northwest Arm. It seems that snow cover on the new ice (since Friday) has slowed ice thickening. Govern yourselves accordingly.

However, between Garden Island and Bear Island, there is approximately six inches or more of ice. Snowmobile travel is reportedly fine from here on into Temagami. I had no problems going to the landing today.

DECEMBER 20, 2007

Grassy River dam proposed

The Grassy River, between the Montreal River and Timmins, at High Falls is targeted for a private hydro dam.

The river, a nastawgan, is one of the northern gateways into Temagami over the Hudson Bay Height of Land, which once marked the boundary of the Hudson's Bay Company's domain.

EXTERNAL LINK:  Save High Falls

DECEMBER 18, 2007

Satellite shows freeze-up

This is the first post-freeze-up satellite view.

Only the outlying lakes Timiskaming and Wanapitei are open.


  Photo: ice on North Arm of Lake Temagami

North Arm, Lake Temagami, Dec. 15, p.m. Looking north during afternoon walk, with Rabbitnose Island in the right midground, and Devil's Mountain behind it.


DECEMBER 15, 2007


With the temperature dropping to minus 24 C last night and no wind, freeze-up accelerated through the night. Glen Toogood, Ottertooth's official freeze-up observer, called freeze-up this morning. He reports there is 1 1/2 inches of ice on the west side of Garden Island.

There is still some open water on the Northwest Arm. Lakes Timiskaming and Wanapitei will yet be open for awhile.

A haze of cloud prevents a good satellite image.

Low temperatures in the forecast should continue to thicken the ice on Lake Temagami over the next few days to the four inches necessary for travel. There has been snowmobile travel to the Mine Landing from Bear Island for a couple of days as the channels between the islands freeze earlier.

Historic dates



  2006 Dec.16
  2005 Dec.13
  2004 Dec.20
  2003 Dec.15*
  2002 Dec.17

Dates recorded for ice-in around Garden Island on Lake Temagami by Glen Toogood, island resident, serve as the official call for Ottertooth.

* There were record-setting open areas over New Year's Day during the winter of 2003-04, but most areas were frozen, and there was ice travel on the lakes. Our official observer at Garden Island was iced in on December 15, and stayed that way, so the date wasn't revised.

SATELLITE IMAGES:  Photo gallery  

DECEMBER 15, 2007

Freeze-up slowed

Small progress from the December 10 photo is marked by a slight decrease in the size of the open areas.


DECEMBER 11, 2007

Freeze-up holdouts

The usual tardy freezers are tardy: Lakes Temagami, Timiskaming, and Wanapitei.


DECEMBER 9, 2007

Freeze-up continues

The most resistant to freeze-up are the deepest of all lakes, and their identities are clearly revealed in this photo.


DECEMBER 6, 2007

Freeze-up advances

All, but the deepest, lakes are frozen. And for these deep lakes, many of their bays have iced.


DECEMBER 1, 2007

Freeze-up begins

Satellite images reveal shallower lakes frozen over.

Freeze-up began in the smallest ponds about a week ago. The temperature has not been above freezing since November 26, when progress accelerated.

A high of minus 19 C today will push it quickly.



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