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FEBRUARY 26, 2009

First Nation chief and council impeached

The chief and councillors of the Temagami First Nation have been impeached and will go to trial at a tribal assembly on March 14. They have been charged with conflict of interest and exceeding their powers of office in a voters' petition.

It was delivered to the band office and Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) on February 23. INAC was invited to attend the band meeting, or assembly.

The TFN has been embroiled in conflict since the June 12 election when Gary Potts became chief. TFN members challenged that election over irregularities. Two subsequent elections were held, but ignored by the June 12 council. It launched a court action after the second election to get its own election upheld and block further TFN member actions.

The legal action spurred protests and fed opposition to the June 12 Chief and Council.

The petition and assembly trial are constitutional procedures. They have been used twice (1993 and 2002) to successfully remove chiefs and a councillor.

The petition states that going to court "without obtaining the support of the community through a vote at a community meeting" is a violation  of the tribal constitution.

"The Tribal Constitution," the petition reads, "does not provide Chief and Council with the powers to suppress the community decisions nor the political voice of community members by using Colonial [sic] institutions."

The petition also states that making the decision to go to court is a conflict as it "is purely a process to protect their own interest, which is to remain as Chief and Council."

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                              First Nation court date set 

FEBRUARY 26, 2009

Highland Trail end-to-end hike

Nastawgan Trails will conduct its fifth, annual thru-hike of the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail in May.

The nine-day trip will be an end-to-ender of the trail from Ottertail Creek on Lake Timiskaming to Latchford, about 100 kilometres.

The group is looking for self-contained, experienced backpackers to participate in this pre-fly season adventure. There are steep grades and elevation changes of 600 feet on the spectacular trail.

The hike runs May 4 to 12, though there is the potential to do just part of the route.

Contact: Murray and Vicky Muir



   EXTERNAL LINK: Nastawgan Trails  

FEBRUARY 15, 2009

First Nation court date set

The two sides of the Temagami First Nation's disputed elections for Chief and Council will argue their cases before the Federal Court in Ottawa on April 27.

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FEBRUARY 12, 2009

Photo essay: TAA's Red Squirrel blockade, 1989

A look back through Peter McMillen's photos.

PHOTOS: TAA's 1989 blockade

FEBRUARY 7, 2009

Indepth report on Bear Island's election crisis

Since the June 12 election, a battle has been fought over its legitimacy.

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Photo: building ice hut on Lake Temagami
Photo: winter, Lake Temagami

FEBRUARY 1, 2009

Winter's face by Harold Keevil

Frank Moskwa (brother of Loon Lodge's John) is building this season's "ice hut," (above) opposite Loon Lodge.  When finished the walls, made from frozen slush, will be two feet thick and the floor area 10 by 10, larger than last year's. He also plans to add ice windows so he won't go through as many candles.

Ice cream gets snowed in, a summer sign on the Mine Road (left). The cemetery on Bear Island.

Photo: winter at the Bear Island cemetery, Temagami



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