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JUNE 26, 2009

Municipal support for Tenets tested

At a March Council meeting, the political accord that cemented the 1998 amalgamation of the town and Lake Temagami was severely tested. It may be the opening shot in a battle to tear it up.  FULL STORY 

JUNE 26, 2009

Forestry moves from MNR to super ministry

Ontario announced that forest management will move from MNR to a new super-ministry to be called Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry. Few details were given.

It appears to be a merger of the ministries of Natural Resources (the king of northern Ontario) and Mines and Northern Development, the latter known to be less sensitive to public concerns than even MNR.

Does parks, fish, wildlife, lands and fire remain at MNR? Will it be re-named?

The press release said the move is "recognition of the important role industry plays in Ontario's northern communities."

Separating parks from a ministry that was dominated by forest management may be good for parks.

However, pro-business, extract-at-all-costs websites are overjoyed because they believe the forestry industry will get new freedom to expand cutting in a powerful business-first ministry. 


Photo: Ojibway speakers of Temagami dialect.

Most of the remaining speakers (above) of the Teme-

Photo: Sophia Turner in a tigwagan, Temagami First Nation

Augama Anishnabai dialect of Ojibway at the Wellness and Healing Centre on Bear Island. They talked of their days growing up with the language. Left to right: Jim Twain, Alex Mathias, Mary Katt, June MacInnis. Sophia Turner (left) arrived in a tigwagan also called a tugwagan (made by John Turner and Marty Pridham) for the elders storytelling on Bear Island.


JUNE 23, 2009

Storytelling in prime time

In a world lunging and skittering through change after change, sometimes heritage gets accidentally left behind. This weekend an event in Temagami came to collect it.

Lockie Goddard held people rapt with his tale of riding horse-skidded logs in the snow at a logging camp.

Dinty Elliott talked about the Aubrey Cosens' last voyage, its keel broken, that it took down a highway.

Craig Macdonald regaled his listeners about the time he was caught in the slush and water on Lake Temagami in the Big Thaw decades ago in mid-winter.

Nishnabai elder Mary Katt took her audience back to a childhood growing up in the bush knowing only one


language: Ojibway.

The Community Arts Ontario-sponsored gathering brought 450 people together for feasts, celebrations and storytelling in the village and on Bear Island, the way it used to be. 

"Storytelling is a strong tradition in the two communities," said co-organizer Sherry Guppy. A little over two years ago she dreamt of organizing a storytelling event. It came true this weekend.

Along with June Twain, and dozens of volunteers, the two created a weekend that shone a light on the often-hidden soul of Temagami, right down to the moose burgers (that reformed one vegetarian), roast beaver, baked lake trout, fry bread,  smudge, and water dance.

PREVIOUS STORY:   Storytelling weekend coming 

JUNE 15, 2009


Aggressive bear at Fourbass dam

Yesterday a bear charged a man and his dog on the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail near the dam at Fourbass Lake.

The charging bear stopped 30 feet from Murray Muir, a volunteer doing trail maintenance. He started up his chainsaw expecting the sound would scare off the animal. It did not.

He revved the engine and yelled. The bear backed off a little then charged again. This time it stopped closer ten feet away.

The animal did not move, and would not give ground.

Muir backed away. The bear did not follow. He retreated to the road.

Upon arrival earlier in the day he noticed someone had scratched on a power utility sign near the powerhouse, "Watch out for the mean bear." He did not know what to make of it at the time.

Muir, a local resident, has spent his life in the bush and never been charged. This bear was medium size and healthy looking. There were no other bears seen.

There has been a noticeable a jump in casual bear sightings in the region this year.

Nastawgan Trails, which built and maintains the trail system, is warning people not to use or camp on the Matabitchuan trail section between Copper and Gorrie lakes. Canoeists should not camp on Fourbass Lake.

  BACKGROUND:   Bear advice and facts   

JUNE 14, 2009

Makobe River obstruction cleared

The canoeing hazard that obstructed the lower Makobe River has been removed, Ontario Parks reports, and the canoeist warning is ended.

A log lay across the river below the Bear River. The portage has been lengthened by 40 metres.

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Announcement of Temagami Gathering, 2009

Traditions of Storytelling program

Program at a glance

Registration form

Temagami Gathering information: 800-806-2303/416-598-1128


JUNE 8, 2009

Endurance race on Canada Day

Ready for a challenge? Try swimming, running, paddling and portaging in the 17-kilometre White Bear Challenge on July 1. 

The two-person tag teams swim 800 metres around Forestry Island in Temagami Harbour then run five kilometres up Caribou Mountain. The second leg starts at Snake Island Lake landing. The teams paddle by canoe to Pecores Bay, portage through White Bear Forest to Cassels Lake, paddle back to the landing and portage to Lake Temagami.

"The White Bear Challenge is an old fashioned Temagami style endurance race," says event organizer Heidi Buck of the Temagami Parks and Recreation Committee. "The only difference is participants aren't expected to carry 100 pounds of flour in their packs!" 

For more information call the Parks and Rec office at 705-569-3421.  

JUNE 7, 2009


Makobe River obstructed, Ontario Parks

We had a crew on the Makobe River last week. There is a log across the river, making tipping almost inevitable, just south of Bear River.  The obstacle is not visible until you come around a corner and are on it before you have time to act.  We plan to return this week to remove the obstacle. 

Assistant Superintendent Kelly Frost, Ontario Parks

FOLLOWUP STORY:   Obstruction cleared 


Announcement for Changing of the Seasons ceremony, 2009, Obabika Lake

More information on Changing of the Seasons



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