November 2011

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Photo/image: Centre Falls, Lady Evelyn River, water flow between typical summer and 2011

NOVEMBER 17, 2011

Search for man missing off Red Squirrel Road

Police are searching for a man who has been missing north of Lake Temagami since November 3.

Daniel Trask parked on the Red Squirrel Road near Ferguson Bay and has not been seen since. OPP are using dogs and helicopters. They have searched as far as Obabika Lake.

Events are being followed on Ottertooth's forum.

NOVEMBER 7, 2011

Old growth threatened at Wolf Lake by MNR's reversal

MNR moves to end park protection for the Wolf Lake forest, the world's largest old-growth red pine stand.

"It's pretty sad when we can't protect the largest example of an endangered ecosystem," says Peter Quinby, an old-growth scientist with Ancient Forest Exploration and Research.

Ontario Parks, a branch of MNR, protected the old growth in 1999 with a forest reserve, but now intends to lift it. A reserve, which bans logging, road building and mining, is temporary protection until a park can be created.

The goal has been to add Wolf Lake to Chiniguchi River Waterway Park.

However, there were mining leases in place when the reserve was formed, so the reserve did not prohibit mining and exploration. MNR has waited for the leases to expire.

The reserve acts like a lien, making it hard for mining companies to obtain financing. MNR's proposal would release Flag Resources, the lease holder, and any future owners from the "lien."  Currently, the lake lies along a zone explored for palladium and platinum.

In June, MNR sought public comments, a legal requirement, on its goal to end the park plan. The comment period was 45 days. The most active conservation group, Friends of Temagami, was not informed.

The reserve also covers south Lake Matagamasi. That area does not have long-term leases over it, just annually renewed land claims.

Many land claims in place in 1999 have lapsed and been added to the Chiniguchi River Park. Why is MNR changing its policy?

"It appears that MNR is backing down because it is being challenged by someone with bigger boots, the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines," says Alex Broadbent of Friends of Temagami. "It's mining industry and old dogma running that show."

Friends of Temagami and Earthroots are calling on the public to contact MNR and oppose the plan.

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Photo/image: porcupine swimming in Lake Temagami

NOVEMBER 3, 2011 Is that a porcupine in the water?

Not a common sight in Temagami, but here's one in for a swim. Photo by Harold Keevil.


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