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DECEMBER 14, 2013
Freeze-up today

The last two areas of open water, visible yesterday, are gone. Today is freeze-up.

Lake Wanapitei advanced dramatically from yesterday and there are still open areas on Lake Timiskaming.

Since Ottertooth began recording freeze-up in 2002, this is the second earliest date, the earliest being December 13, 2005.

  Freeze-up dates

  SATELLITE IMAGE:  December 14

DECEMBER 13, 2013
Freeze-up: down to Lake Temagami

The only visible water is two common late spots on Temagami, our benchmark lake: west side of Cattle and south of Sand Point.

With persistent sub 20 C temperatures in the forecast, we are on the cusp of freeze-up.

  SATELLITE IMAGE:  December 13

DECEMBER 12, 2013
Freeze-up: down to four lakes

The only visible water is on lakes Temagami, Timiskaming, Wanapitei and Gull. It is safe to assume the Ottawa River is open.

  SATELLITE IMAGE:  December 12

DECEMBER 11, 2013
Freeze-up: down the usual holdouts

The deep freeze of the last few days has pretty much reduced the open areas to the usual holdouts: lakes Temagami, Wanapitei and Timiskaming, along with the Ottawa River.

  SATELLITE IMAGE:  December 11

DECEMBER 9, 2013
Freeze-up: weather hampers view

Though difficult to read, the December 7 satellige image shows freeze-up advancing on Obabika Lake and the south basin of Lady Evelyn Lake. Bad weather continues to hamper our view.

  SATELLITE IMAGE:  December 7

DECEMBER 3, 2013
Most lakes frozen

The small- and medium-sized lakes are frozen over, leaving the deepest to go. The upper basin of Lady Evelyn, Makobe, Willow Island and Stouffer lakes are done.

This image is a step back by a day in sequence. Unexpectedly, no cloudless images are available since November 29 and the forecast holds more cloud cover. This may be the last satellite image for a few  more days.

  SATELLITE IMAGE:  November 28

DECEMBER 2, 2013
Freeze-up Watch begins

Ron Miller was out in his plane and got some great shots of the first ice.

  AERIAL PHOTOS:  Miller's flyover 



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