MARCH 1, 2001

Photos and Text: Tim Gooderham

Not too long ago George and Linda Mathias purchased Manito Island, former home of the fabled Manito Hotel.  It is said that they want to turn it into a "class" eating spot. Then George purchased one of the chalets at the old Loon Echo Resort, originally known as the Temagami Copperfields Mine, on Temagami Island, just across from the Manito. George and his crew then had to move the chalet across the intervening channel. What better time than the middle of winter?

Today was moving day and George had invited all available rubber-neckers to watch the procedure. When all of us showed up, he said, "Gee, we better not mess it up with all these people watching!"

Here is the crew (photo at right) discussing how to go about it. The chalet had been prepared previously and dragged off of Temagami Island. I'm told they had to use the Bobcat to hold it back as it came down the hill.

This is another look showing the hitch hooked to George's "war surplus" 4x4. Note the beam skids underneath which have been surfaced with galvanized steel for slipperiness.

A rear view of the whole configuration.

Ready to go . . . .

And there they go - heading for the Manito. Note the Bobcat chugging along behind in case it had to perform some heroic rescue operation. By the time they got to the Manito, it was far behind because it couldn't keep up with the main tow. You can see the destination just to the right of the chalet.

And there it was - close to its final location on Manito Island, where the cabin which now resides near the Totem Pole on the Mine Road used to be. As a member of George's crew said, the real work begins tomorrow when they have to hitch it to those Red Pines and drag it up the little hill and face it Southwest.

Winter Road 2001 - March 30 - February 24

Northeast Arm: Trail Groomer  February 3, 2001

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