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Registered: 08-2005
Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2005 - 8:21 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

Does anyone out there know of any good websites that offer easy to cook recipes and ideas for canoe trip cooking? I am looking for some new meals to add to our canoe tripping fare. Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful. By the way, I am in no way a gormet cook, so it has to be easy!
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Registered: 01-2005
Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2005 - 8:47 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

I believe Canadian Canoe Routes ( has a section on recipes. They discuss outdoor cooking quite a bit on that site.
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Registered: 03-2004

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2005 - 4:12 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

I don't know of any online sites other than www.myccr but there are numerous books, likely available in your local library that discuss backcountry cooking.
Backcountry cooking; from pack to plate in 10 minutes/ Dorcas Miller
ISBN 0-89886-551-4
also: The Well Fed Backpacker by June Fleming
ISBN 0-394-73804-7

There are many more available.
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Registered: 03-2004

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2005 - 5:55 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

We had some recipes on our camping website, unfortunately the site is currently down.

I would recomend the 2 camp books that Ed suggested as well as:

Chef in your Backpack
by Nicole Bassett
ISBN 1551521407
Pub. Arsenal Press
price $21.95

The Trailside Cookbook
by Don and Pam Philpott
ISBN 1552979520
Pub. Firefly Books
price $19.95

The Wilderness Cookbook
by Bonnie McTaggart & Jill Bryant & Chum McLeod
ISBN 1896764185
Pub. UTP
Price $14.95

When I get our website back up and running I will post a link to the Camp food section.


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Registered: 07-2005
Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2005 - 3:38 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

I made all my own food for our last canoe trip just by adapting the kinds of things we like to eat on a regular bases and I thought it turned out pretty well. We ate our main meal at mid day. This menu was enough to fill two hungry adults who ate fairly lean in the morning and evening. (1 ½ of Haps’ bannocks each with peanut butter and jam)

I used my convection oven set at 110 C with the door propped open with the flat of a 2X4 and filled both selves with the food spread on saran wrap on cookie sheets (the plastic wrap is important for the sauces and beans). I used fresh peas, corn, and onions. The onion I cut up into small bits.

I then put each ingredient into its own ziplok baggie and then assembled the entire ingredient for one supper together in a large ziplok bag. Each morning I would decide what we would eat later and put all the dehydrated ingredients into one doubled ziplok and poured some (not too much) warm water in. I then put the package next to my skin to keep warm and help rehydrate. This was important with wild rice, corn, and peas because you would use a lot of fuel waiting for them to hydrate.

This is what we had

Jambolie – one pot
Presidents Choice Byou rice box mix
Dehydrated peas, corn, onions
Sun dryed tomatoes (store bought)
Packaged bacon bits
Cured salami (available from a ethnic good deli)
Store bought dehydrated mushrooms (Costco has quite a variety of them)
Rehydrate rice and spice package with the peas corn onion and tomatoes
Fry salami and bacon bits then add rehydrated stuff. Add more water so the rice is softish but don’t make soup.

Burritoes – one pot
Dehydrated Presidents choice refried beans – spread out on plastic wrap as thin as possible – it will just crumble when done
Dehydrated peas, corn, onions
Dehydrated salsa – I used a full jar for one supper because it is so concentrated don't use ‘hot’ or it will be smoken!
Babybel mini cheese – small individual ones. Remove plastic wrap (but not the wax) – the wrap will stain everything if it gets wet
Store bought dehydrated mushrooms (Costco has quite a variety of them)
Flat bread tortilla – large

It doesn’t take long to rehydrate the beans, but the salsa takes a bit of time. Rehydrate the salsa and the veggies together. Heat the beans, salsa, corn, peas and onions on low heat – it will burn easily. Add only a little water you want it thick so it won’t spill out the tortilla. Cut up the cheese and put it on the tortilla – spoon on the mix and roll up.

Mexican – one pot
Presidents Choice Fiesta rice box mix
Dehydrated ground beef – fry extra lean ground beef so it is all broken up in little bits. Pour off any fat. Use a clean pan and boil the beef in water scooping as much fat away as possible. It is the fat that will spoil so get rid of much as you can. Drain the water and pour the beef onto saran wrap on a cookiey sheet and dehydrate. Should be crumbley and dry when done.
Dehydrated salsa – see above directions
Store bought dehydrated mushrooms
Dehydrated peas, corn, onions
Babybel mini cheese – small individual ones. Remove plastic wrap (but not the wax) – the wrap will stain everything if it gets wet

Rehydrate the beef and rice with the seasoning package alone with the veggies, salsa and mushrooms early. Heat all together in one pot adding just enough water for the rice – again you don’t want soup. Cut up the cheese and push the slices into the mix once in bowls.

Chili –one pot
I used vegetarian chili I had made and dehydrated it just like the salsa and the spaghetti sauce. It worked great. I would be a bit scarry to do meat chilli because of the dehydrating process. Maybe make a vegetarian chili, do the ground beef separately and mix on site. I used one and a half jars for each meal. This was a bit light – I should have used two – but I add a bannock each and we were full.

Spaghetti – two pot
Dehydrate low fat store bought sauce. Spread out thinly on plastic wrap and peel off in strips when you’re done. There shouldn’t be any wet spots on the leather. I used 1 and a half jars for each supper. This was too much even though we like our sauce strong but it was good if you are putting some sauce away for pizzas.
Cured salami (available from a good ethnic deli)
Store bought dehydrated mushrooms (Costco has quite a variety of them)
Fry the salami first then pour in partially rehydrated sauce and mushrooms in one pot and do the spaghetti in another so they are ready at the same time.

Save some of the sauce for the next day to make bannock pizza with the bacon bit and salami and cheese.

Corn beef hash – two pot (this is a bit of a heavy meal)
Store bought corn beef
Store bought Betty Crocker dehydrated potatoes. Cut out directions and bring with packet
Store bought dehydrated milk (4 tbs)
Fry the corn beef till its crispy (or how you like – it’s already cooked)
Make the potatoes as directed

Sheppard’s Pie – two pot
Dehydrated beef
Store bought gravy mix – we like the International Green Pepper one
Store bought dehydrated mushrooms
Dehydrated peas, corn, onions
Store bought Betty Crocker dehydrated potatoes
Store bought dehydrated milk (4 tbs)

Rehydrate the beef, gravy mix, veggies and shoom together early. Add more water and heat – don’t add too much water. Make potatoes as directed. Pour mix in bowl and top with potatoes.

If you try it - hope you like it

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