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Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 - 5:35 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

The Friends of Temagami (FOT) posted a post on their Facebook page about some changes to the Wolf Lake area, summed up in these words:

"MNR proposes major changes in the Wolf Lake area. Wants to expand the Chiniguchi River Provincial Park while reducing protection in the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve in order to enhance mining."

FOT promised to take a close look at this and to keep people informed. To get a better idea on the proposed changes, FOT also suggested checking out Ontario’s Crown Land Use Policy Atlas,; click on the Land Use Amendment Search Tool and search for Area ID “F175&#8243; or search Area Name “Wolf Lake”.

To get a better understanding of the changes being proposed, here is some background on the Wolf Lake issue, from Kukagami Environment Watch, ... ve_06.html:

"Briefly, MNR proposes to remove protection from the area immediately surrounding Wolf Lake and from the southern part of Matagamasi Lake. Logging will be prohibited around Wolf Lake, but will be allowed within the former 200 meters reserve of Matagamasi southern area. The existing Chiniguchi Waterway Park will be extended to include part of Chiniguchi Lake...."

Click ... anguage=en for the official announcement from the MNR inviting public comment on changes to land use designations in theWolfLake and Matagamasi Lake Forest Reserve area. (Note there is only a limited time given for responses to these proposed changes….comments on these proposed changes can be made for only a 47 day period….from June 1 to July 18, 2011.)

So why all the fuss about Wolf Lake????….what’s so special about this area???? A great article by Brian Back, Ottertooth: Wolf Lake’s Old Growth Red Pine,, begins with the following description:

"THE WORLD’S LARGEST remaining old-growth red pine forest surroundsWolfLake, containing trees between 140 and 300 years old. Canoeists paddle through, captivated by the rugged ridges, crystal-clear water and quartzite scarps, oblivious to the ecological treasure surrounding them."

This is a very special area….well worth protecting….as FOT states on its Facebook page: "Did you know that Wolf Lake is in the middle of the world’s largest old growth red pine stand, at an astounding 1600 ha?!"

One of my favourite places in Temagami to canoe trip is the Chiniguchi….for more on the canoe routes through this area see Ottertooth: Chiniguchi.

Chiniguchi (/chi-ni-goo’chee/) is described by Brian Back, in Ottertooth: Chiniguchi – A General Overview,, as:

"There are plenty of canoeists who have never heard of Chiniguchi — Temagami West. They’ve missed the royal-blue lakes and relatively easy portaging between its good-sized lakes.

Crystalline lagoons, old-growth red pine, aboriginal pictographs, and hilltop lookouts keep most canoeists on an easy-to-reach band of lakes — Chiniguchi, Wolf and Matagamasi — at the core. A quartzite band of rock running from Chiniguchi to Wolf Lake makes it reminiscent of Killarney, but without the travel restrictions of a park. Get off these often-bustling destinations and the rest of the area is yours."

So this recent announcement has caught a lot of attention….look for a statement from FOT soon….and better yet if you’ve ever visited this very special area, send in your own comments regarding the continued protection of this special area. If you haven’t been to the Chiniguchi area, then plan on taking a canoe trip there….and add your voice to others who love this very special place. Even if you haven’t yet experienced Chiniguchi for yourself, your comments are very welcome. It is very important that we protect….and continue to do so….such beautiful natural areas.

I think there is a need to protect the whole Temagami area….maybe even the possibility of all of Temagami becoming a national (or even provincial) park, similar to the Adirondack Park in New York….maybe by doing so this could provide for better protection of Temagami as a whole. But such a process will likely take several years to achieve….if it ever is to happen. In the meantime, it is imperative that we find a way to protect those gems to be found in Temagami….to maintain the best protection of such areas as possible. One such gem is the area around Wolf Lake. Please add your voice to the those of such groups as the FOT (in fact if you aren’t already a member of the Friends of Temagami, consider joining)….let the MNR know what you think should be done to protect such a very special place.

Paddles up until later then….and as more information becomes available, I’ll post updates to these proposed changes….and don’t hesitate to voice your opinions on this matter….even just by adding a comment to the FOT Facebook page….maybe together we can keep the changes proposed for Wolf Lake from any further ‘howling at the door’.

Here is a a YouTube video which addresses the issues surrounding the need to protect Wolf Lake:
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Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 - 8:50 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Please see my blog for a more complete write-up, 0/friday-fuming-wolf-lake-in-temagami-major-change s-howling-at-the-door/. There are some problems with this thread as far as links included in.
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Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2011 - 12:39 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

i'll never forget the 1st time i camped on wolf lake, back in the early 90's when the whole route from maskinonge to the sturgeon was deserted in august.
the mining relics on wolf lake consisted of a well-rotted nylon and aluminum deck chair and a couple of holes, all lost and forgotten in the bush, along with some well-rusted angle-iron at the then-only campsite (on the east shore).
me, i have faith in those old-time prospectors, and i therefore suspect that if there was really anything there they would have exploited it generations ago.
provincial governments are notoriously easy to lead around by the nose if you're a resource company.
LETS FACE IT, it's an absolute travesty that one of the most important chunks of old-growth forest on the continent is still threatened by this nonsense.
the whole route all the way to the sturgeon should be off-limits to resource exploitation. in fact to pick up on woodncanvas' point, surely it's high time that the whole of what we-all call "temagami" from wanapitei lake to matachewan to lake temiskaming to river valley gets unified park status instead of the patchwork of wilderness parks, waterway parks, forest preserves, etc. which itself resembles nothing so much as a rearguard action on the part of governments/resource companies to delay or if possible permanently obviate such (unified) designation.
spend the money, accommodate sustainable logging by old-established interests outside the provincially significant areas such as wolf lake- maintain the jobs through imaginative planning and development of secondary post-mill industries.
this s*** has gone on long enough.
i'm expected (as a canoeist, someone who has been helping to keep all these backwater portages and campsites open for 30 years) to pay a fee (a very hefty fee on long trips) to a government which will essentally use the funds to facilitate the destruction of the wilderness i love, and which belongs collectively as it has always belonged, to the people who actually use it?
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Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2011 - 1:03 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

good post!
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Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2011 - 8:49 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

grncnu, totally agree with you....I know at last year's FOT AGM there was some discussion by Jay Morrison on CPAWS taking on a role in trying to get such a designation for all of Temagami (a unified park)....certainly needs to occur as far as I'm concerned....but this will be a long meantime it's important to protect what we do have....even increase such protection if we concern over proposed changes to Wolf Lake area should be priority at retain this area is crucial....especially with the old growth red pine....I think we need to begin a dialogue on a unified park....even get that process rolling along more than just having a discussion about....but as I was recently reminded we shouldn't lose 'sight of the forest for the trees' (if you'll pardon the play on words)....for now, FOT and other like minded interest groups need to continue to preserve what we have....stay at the forefront of keeping the rest of us informed on what's going on....and providing a voice to all of us who love Temagami....and I believe FOT, along with other groups, do that well....OK OK I'll get off my soapbox now....

(Message edited by WoodNCanvas on June 11, 2011)
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Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2012 - 10:19 am:   Edit Post Delete Post ontent&task=view&id=4270

Heating up- the mayor of Temagami's letter above is really disturbing.

probably a good idea to merge threads -- more ottertooth discussion here: .html?1330873516

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