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Registered: 10-2008
Posted on Monday, January 19, 2009 - 2:29 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Currently planning a group trip up to the top of Maple Mountain for the first week in September. I know, it's a long ways away still, but have to start planning early to see if it's doable or if we choose a different location.

First, does anyone have a GPS track file (Garmin Mapsource) for the trail from Tupper Lake up to the top of Maple Mountain that you could send me?

Ideally we would like to drive in as close as possible as we can get to Maple Mountain. Looking at maps, there appears to be a logging road from the town of Elk Lake (Hwy 65) that goes 46km south to the south side of Anvil Lake (between Inez Lake and Bessie Lake). From Anvil lake we would then canoe over to the trail head on Tupper Lake.

Has anyone driven this logging road or has taken this approach? Since many of us just have regular family vehicles, we are wondering how far along this road we would be able to make it? Someone mentioned we should be able to make it to just north of Skull Lake or even possibly as far south as Duncanson Lake, but after that a 4-wheel drive vehicale would be needed. Can anyone confirm? Perhpas driving as far in as we can and then biking or hiking the rest of the way to Anvil Lake. Also, are there areas along this road to safely pull off and park and set up camp? Ie, 10 cars\tents possibly.
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Posted on Friday, January 23, 2009 - 7:35 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Hey res2100, I have canoed through this area and taken a few sidesteps to check out this apparent road that you mention, as I have seen it on maps. It is little more than a cart path - a trail - definitely not passible by vehicle.

On top of that, I would urge you to not make haste of this trip. You are in a protected Wilderness Park in this area, and cars and ATV's are not permitted, both for safety and for preservation of the area.

Your best bet is to drive up 11 to 558, and put in by canoe to Mowat's landing. Depending on your departure, 1.5 days paddle and you would be there.

Maple Mountain is a highly sacred land among the First Nations and that needs to be respected - something to be aware of when traveling these parts.

If you don't have a canoe, there are many worthy outfitters in the area that you can rent from. Maple Mountain is most certainly not a driving trip. From what I saw of the path, I would not even consider it.

Again, ATV's would even have a tough time of it. Approach by water is the best, and not hard at all. There is one large campsite on the North Shore of the Lady Evelyn that would accommodate a large group.

As for the trail, no GPS required. To find it is not hard once on Tupper. Again, this is part of the adventure. navigating the trail is not hard at all - the climb, however is much steeper.

If you are interested in going in September, by water, I would be more than happy to set something up where I could guide your group from Mowats, in.

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Registered: 10-2008

Posted on Saturday, January 24, 2009 - 10:38 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Thanks for the information Paul. From what I have been told, the forest access road (Cooke Lake Road) is in very good condition up to within
.5km of Skull Lake (29.7km mark) and that a regular car should make it easily up to that point. As a possibility I was thinking we could leave the cars there (for those without ATVs) and perhaps either bike or hike along the access road to Anvil Lake (I believe the Wilderness\Provincial park starts 1km north of Anvil Lake). Then Canoe from Anvil Lake (or even from Duncanson Lake) to Tupper Lake and take the trail to the top of Maple Mountain. Some of the locals in our group who are from the area plan to check out this road on their ATVs in the Spring\Summer and see how it is to determine the best approach for everyone. Since I don't have an canoe and am not an experienced canoer, I am hoping that some of the others in our group would have space in their's for my son and I. As for Mowat's Landing, I am not sure where that is, but I have heard about it before. It's a possibility and I am sure some people will take that option.

Alternatively if we feel this isn't a doable trip, then we'ld pick some other place to go to, so if you have any other suggestions of any mountains that are more accessable, let me know. One option which seems much easier to get to is Batchawana, but that is quite the drive from where most of us live in the Toronto area and I was thinking of waiting until 2010 to do that adventure.
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Posted on Monday, January 26, 2009 - 4:09 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Currently looking at an alternate approach from Mowat Landing to Maple Mountain by canoe. Looking at various maps, it looks like you can get all the way to the Maple Mountain trail head at Tupper Lake with little or no portaging via the following:
Mowat Landing
Montreal River
Lady Evelyn River
Lady Evelyn Lake
Sucker Gut Lake
Hobart Lake
Willow Island Creek
Tupper Lake
Trail head of Maple Mountain

Does that make sense? Looks like it's 42km+ of canoing.

I figure we would arrive at Mowat Landing at noon and want to canoe in as far as possible before setting up camp. Then day 2 canoe the remainder of the way and up to Maple Mountain and back down again and back to our camp. Day 3 canoe back to Mowat Landing by noon hopefully and spend the rest of the day exploring the in the various towns. Does this seem doable?

Right now it seems to be a tossup of which approach to take (Mowat Landing or Elk Lake). I guess it all depends on if I find someone that my son and I have a reserved seat in their canoe.
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Registered: 07-2005
Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - 10:13 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

This is the most common route to Maple Mtn . The portage is short and on a nice wide road .

The one variable can be the weather/wind on Lady Evelyn Lake . Once, with glass smooth water, I paddled from the mouth of the LE River/east end of LE Lake all the way to Tupper , set up camp, and did the hike up and back with daylight to spare and an hour spent exploring the summit/tower. It was a long but rewarding day .

The next day, I barely made it to the Obisga Narrows on LE before throwing in the towel due to high winds and rain. This was in Sept. Another Sept I was windbound on an island at the southern end of LE Lake for three days.

Your proposed itinery has very little leeway timewise . You would have to put in some long paddling days. You also mentioned that you are not an experienced canoeist and it sounds like a large group. That could slow you down ( type of boat will also make a big difference as well ) . I would allow for four-five full days to be on the safe side . If weather is nice, there are some excellent side trips, or you can hang out at a nice campsite .
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Registered: 06-2005
Posted on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 - 4:26 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

DITO re: wind/weather. a group of us did this same trip a few years ago. We arrived at Mowatt landing around noon hour and made it to a really nice campsite on Sucker Gut just before you turn west toward Hobart Lake. We probably should have pushed on to that lake to make camp but this was our first time on the area and there were 6 of us sooooo we stayed put.

The next day we tripped up to Maple Mountain easily (watch for the beaver dam when turning into Tupper Lake...itís really muddy). We had a great trip up the Mountain despite the occasional rain shower. We got a little lost near the top; definitely follow the flagging tape...duh. Bring lots of water it took us close to 2 hours to get up. We made soup at the top (never found the natural spring) and we even took turn going up the rickety fire tower (is it still there?).

When suddenly (thanks to the view) we spotted some very nasty weather coming our way and we began our decent immediately. 20 minutes later we were in our canoes and heading back to sucker gut. We made it JUST in time. The heavens opened up and we had mix of rain and heavy wind the rest of the time there.

Because of the high wind, we made a quick sail and got all the way north on Sucker Gut very quickly but progress was quite slow after that due to the wind and waves on Lady Evelyn. We took a VERY long lunch on the Eskers (found fresh bear tracks) and waited for SOME change. The wind let up a little and we were able to make it to the mouth of the Lady Evelyn River and spent our last night there. (Very Buggy)

Short and sweet youíre ALWAYS hoping for decent weather and we should have planned for one or two more days.
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Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 11:18 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

DITO to both here res2100

Give yourself a two day buffer on top of a 4 day trip. My experience is hitting Lady Evelyn early in the morning. The wind and waves pick up throughout the day, but by that time you are already at Hobart. There are a couple of camping spots on Hobart and Sucker Gut. Doing this route totally makes the trip incredibly memorable, and you will have a true appreciation of the view on top of MM.

Why, you ask? Because you will be able to see all of the water that you traveled to get there. In fact, you can see the phone towers on Highway 11 from the top, nearly some 60km away!

Mowat Landing is really easy to get to - Highway 11 all the way. You could make it from Toronto in approx 5 hours (depending on speed of the group, etc).

I have done this trip this way two times, and each time has been rewarding in some new way. Only 1 portage around the power dam, the rest is all water - until, as larrybrook points out, you lift over the beaver dam on Tupper.

Last year, at the end of August, I did this trip in 6 days. In those 6 days we had 3 off (1 to hike up and down, 1 rest day after that, and one day due to high winds), really, without rest days we would have been 3 days.
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Registered: 04-2009
Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2009 - 9:03 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

It has been a very long time since I have been up around the montreal river, grassy river etc. Use to do 2 week canoe trips with The Childrens Aid Society(1976, 1977, 1978). I am looking to see if anyone can tell me about the shuttle from Montreal river to Lake Lady Evelyn. I would like to take my wife on an amazing fishing trip with our boat. 15' bowrider with a Johnson 70. I understand that there is someone there with a trailer and a truck that will shuttle you between the lake and the river. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Contact info, shuttle rates etc. Thank you.
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Post Number: 198
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Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2009 - 6:58 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Yes.. just launch at Mowat Landing and head for the dam... family that lives there will haul you up over the hill on a multi bunk trailer for minimal cost.

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