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Registered: 01-2008
Posted on Sunday, July 5, 2009 - 7:51 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

I let my paddling partner plan the trip for this year. Here's what he came up with. It's an ambitious collage of Hap Wilson's Routes 2,6 and 11. I hope I didn't loose too much in translation.

I also post on myccr, and from my reading decided I will try to find the shortcut through Lewbert Lake.

I look forward to suggestions and tips for improvement.

Any comments welcome.

2008 Temagami Trip

Day 1
Put in at Red Squirrel Road/ Sandy Inlet of Lake Temagami – leave car there.
Paddle either North 795 m Portage (harder) or South 445 m Portage if not against wind.
Paddle across North arm and take either south or north passage to Sharp Rock inlet and 425 m Sharp Rock Portage.
Paddle west on Diamond Lake to island at (555 600,5 228300).

Day 2
Paddle to 425 m portage at southwest end of Diamond.
Paddle across Pond to 430 m Portage.
Paddle/wade into Wakimika Lake and then paddle west to 850 m Portage (Nasmith to Wakimika Link).
Paddle across pond – portage 220 m –paddle across pond- portage 1155 m – paddle across pond – portage 1000 m.
Paddle across Hortenze Lake to 275 m portage.
Camp on Dorothy Lake (544150, 5222200)

Day 3
Paddle west across Dorothy Lake to 270 m portage to Nasmith Creek.
Go up the creek (with an extra paddle - wading/ lining may be required) to Upper Nasmith Creek Link.
Portage 285 m – follow creek – portage 1535 m (about 542500, 5224400)
Paddle across pond – portage 230 m paddle across pond portage 25 m – paddle across ond portage 95 m – paddle across pond – portage 170 m – paddle across pond portage 60 m paddle across pond – portage 415 m – paddle across pond – portage 445 m to pine torch creek. Paddle southwest - portage 600 m – paddle across pond – portage 235 m –paddle across pond – portage 135 m into Pinetorch Lake.
Camp on Pinetorch Lake ( about 537300,5222700)

Day 4
Paddle across Pinetorch Lake to 475 m portage to Upper Aimes Creek Link.
Paddle up the creek to 220 m portage, paddle up the creek (expect beaver dams) –portage 1095 m – paddle up the creek – portage 480 m - paddle – portage 460 m to Florence Lake. Camp somewhere on Florence Lake

Day 5
Paddle along Florence River\South Lady Evelyn River through Duff Lake and on to Cedar Rapids(Class I -400 or 750 m depending on what map you look at) paddle on past swifts and up to 465 m portage to shortcut – paddle across pond- portage 130 m to Lady Evelyn River – paddle to rapids 3 “Subway” – Class II scout and portage if dangerous for canoe. Where are these “falls”?
Camp for night near “Falls”

Day 6
Paddle to Rapids 4 “Out of Sight” – Class II Scout and portage 55 m if dangerous for canoe.
Paddle to Rapids 5 “Noway” Class 1 top only! Portage 125 m or run. What does “top only!” mean?
Paddle to Rapid 6”Curveball Technical CI –portage 125 m or run.
Paddle to chutes – portage 155 m on south side.
Paddle to Mcpherson Chutes –portage 35 m or 180 m depending on if rapids above chutes can be run in low flow without damage to canoe.
Paddle to Rapid 7 “Twist & Shout” Class II – portage 135 m or run
Paddle to Rapids 8 CI Technical and 9C1 – portage 230 m or run.
Paddle to Rapids 10 “Shangri La” – Run top half to campsite and portage less or portage 800 m to Katherine. In any case stop at second portage trail above ledge and scout.
Paddle to Rapids 11 “punch drunk” C1-CII- Portage 140 m or run.
Paddle to Rapid 12 “Katherine’s Keyhole” C1 run on north side.
Paddle to Rapids 13 “Labyrinth” – Technical CI Portage 215 m or run
Paddle to Rapids 14 “Cabin Falls – CII top – portage 15 m paddle portage 55 m (on north) or skip 1st portage run Centre and then on south and then hard left to second portage.
Paddle to Bridal Falls portage 450 m.
Paddle to Rapids 15 – Probably run top scout middle and portage 420 and 910 m. We’ll have to see what it looks like with low flow.
Paddle to Fat Man’s falls
Camp for night at Fat Man’s falls

Day 7
Paddle to Rapid 16 – CI-CII “The Gap” run or portage 305 m
Paddle to rapid 17 – paddle or portage 100 m.
Paddle to Rapid 18 Technical CI “Sucker Gut” paddle or line on west side.
Paddle to Rapid 19 CI Technical
Paddle to 3900 m portage t oDiamond
Paddle Diamond to sharp Rock Portage –portage 425 m – paddle to 795 m portage paddle to car at Red Squirrel Road.

My plan is to try an push ahead during the first days so as to have more time to relax on the last days, so campsites might move. We may even take an extra day if we get lazy.
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Posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 - 5:53 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

You have an ambitious trip planned.

Day 1 could be severely compounded if the wind is up. You're trying to cover a lot of ground. If you do make it to the western end of Diamond, the site there is nice.

Day 2 seems a bit more realistic, depending on the portage conditions from Wakimika to Dorothy. The first portage out of Diamond is rocky and has a steep ascent, but not a killer. The second portage is a piece if cake. I've not gone into the series of portages from Wakimika to Dorothy, so someone else will have to attest to those.

Day 3 Again, not done those little lakes, but I have been to Pinetorch. Nice site there, but no fishing. I believe the lake's dead.

Day 4 Not done Ames Creek - was always leery about having to drag the canoe too much. Florence, however, I have been to numerous times and is a beautiful lake. The campsite halfway up the southern half (west side) is gorgeous.

Day 5 is extremely ambitious. If I were you I'd plan on camping at the confluence of Florence/Lady Evelyn River, especially if you're starting from the southern half of Florence.

As to the rapids on Lady Evelyn River between confluence and MacPherson - all were navigable in late summer when I was there, but water levels will determine how easily navigable. We did have to do some lining. Lots of blueberry picking opportunities in that area. We also saw some bear up that way.

As to the balance of the trip - I just don't see where the "relaxing" part comes in. If I were going to relax I'd stay at Shangri-La or Sunshine Cabin before heading down the south channel. Also, going from Fat Man's to Sharp Rock in a day is possible, but one long long long day - especially with the Death March in the mix.

There's my two cents. Regardless of how you choose to do it, I hope you have a great trip!

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Registered: 04-2006
Posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 - 12:55 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Wow, sounds like you need an extra couple days at least. Some of those days would be really challenging, and that's not taking into consideration the shape you guys are in. After 3-4 weeks of tripping (getting into shape) I can see tackling Day 2 or Day 3 with all those carries. Double tripping on the portages will make things difficult in terms of daylight.

Once again just my own thoughts, I'm sure it can be done, not be me though!

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Registered: 01-2008
Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2009 - 9:38 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Thanks for the feedback.

Taking that feedback into account, I think we will camp Saturday night at Sandy Inlet to give us an early start, take the shortcut through Lewbert Lake, and add an extra night.
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Registered: 06-2008
Posted on Friday, July 10, 2009 - 1:05 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

+1 to Rattlesnke Bob and Andrewh

I remember doing those unnamed lakes into Pinetorch and they were a PITA! (mostly b/c Rattlesnake Bob can't read a map ;)) seriously.

I would build in a few extra days if you want there to be any component of "realx" to your trek.

Enjoy though


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