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Registered: 09-2006
Posted on Sunday, September 24, 2006 - 7:39 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Moyra and I just finished Haps Route 23 trip Matagamasi up to Stouffer including the Shed lake side trip, Sturgeon river to Chiniguchi using the Laura lake route back down to Matagamasi. We had a great trip but have some questions.

The portage from the Sturgeon to Halleck creek was very confusing and frustrating. We took the ATV trail that runs parallel to the creek starting at the Sturgeon end, and at the first fork took the trail heading more to the right (westerly) eventually this trail reached a point where three possible trails can be taken this is at the remains of two rusted out vehicles ( a VW bug and an old 30's? truck) one trail led down to Halleck creek where the creek is still unnavagitable (bellow a boulder field and an old square log structure), one other trail was very overgrown but like a portage (seemed like a hunting trail)and was very dificult to get the canoe through we gave up on this before we reached its end, the last trail which we used started out like an ATV trail but became narrower and less used the further along we went eventualy it petered out. We could see the Halleck creek so we pushed our way down through to the water. How was this portage supposed to be taken?

Our second question concerns the portage from McConnell Bay south west to Musko Bay- Where is it? We searched the south west side of the bay after the short lift over into the tip of the bay.

We also would like to mention that at this time of year and Beaver activity that the paddle into the bay on Hammend Lake(just below Halleck) to get to the portage requires one to paddle/pole South to find the deeper stream which leads up to two staged beaver dam lift overs (quite the fascinating engineering work). This did lighten our mood after spending a lot of time trudging through Lab tea/and woods looking for the portage.

Looking forward to any comments and info

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Posted on Monday, September 25, 2006 - 9:43 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

Halleck Cr portage: That log structure was the old logging dam. It held water behind it until 1979 and you could put in there. Now you have to walk upstream through the alders and tea to find the new put-in. It is obvious when you reach it. This means take the right turn at the rusted truck, a quick left at the fork, then almost immediately another left onto a narrow path that is kept open by those who use it. Because it is a young forest here, on the old flood plain of the dam, it is scrubby and the forest is forever trying to take it back.

As one end of this portage ends in the Sturgeon River park, it is supposed to be kept open by the wardens. Clearly it needs work. I suggest you contact the superintendent, after all why are you paying fees?

BTW, this used to be Josephine Creek until it got changed, for some unknown reason, on the federal maps about a decade or so ago.

There is no portage between between Musko and McConnell.

That paddle on Hammend's shallow south end is just as tricky throughout the season, high water, low water or during beaver rapture.

Did you see or hear any ATVs?
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Posted on Monday, September 25, 2006 - 7:59 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Hello Brian,

Thanks so much for the info, good to know we arent completety blind in portage finding functions.

The beaver enterprise was just so impressive, is there any three level beaver projects in the area?

About the log dam, do you mean that they damed up Halleck lake, floated the logs over to the dam then let the water go and slucced(?) the logs down to the Sturgeon?

Yes we will notify the warden about the confussed portage from the Sturgion to Hallect.

ATV issues:
We heard/saw.
2 ATV's around the Sawhouse/Chiniguchi portage
2 ATV's on the Sturgion to Hallect portage
3 ATV's on Halleck Lake near the take out
5 ATV's at the Laura lake to Rawson portage
2 ATV's at the falls between Dewdney and Wolf
and 5 or 6 shots fired around Wolf Lake ('we'er not dead yet')

In passing, we were kind of surprised that the bridge over the stream (according to Hap's notes and the topo map) between Chiniguchi to Sawhorse has been replaced with straight fill without even a culvert.


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Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 - 9:48 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

Can't think of any 3-tier beaver operations off hand.

They dammed Halleck Cr, which flooded back into Hammend (not Halleck) Lake. And yes, logs were run into the Sturgeon.

It is amazing there is no culvert between Sawhorse and Chiniguchi. There never was a bridge. It has always been a causeway. It was built decades ago before there were standards. When the loggers go back in, I expect they will be required to put in a culvert before they can upgrade the road.

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