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Post Number: 6
Registered: 08-2005
Posted on Monday, April 23, 2007 - 12:11 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Good morning everyone, my wife and I are looking once again at Temagami to do a canoe route. Our last trip although memorable (mostly for all the wrong reasons) and done in late October has taken us awhile to get over and consider Temagami again. This summer (mid-Aug) we are looking for some solitude where no cell phones can reach us...and hopefully the weather will be much balmier. We are looking for nice scenery not too strenuous however we do not mind portaging. Does anyone have suggestions for a good trip of 4-6 days?

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Registered: 04-2007
Posted on Monday, April 23, 2007 - 12:37 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post


Solitude. Still pretty High season then, so you'll need to get off the beaten track. A lot of
the members will help you out here, I'm sure.

My specialty is a Little Further North... see the
thread by that name on Temagami Canoe Routes Section etc... I recommended a few there that have very little intrusion by others. No cell phone there, either. I've 5 different routes Gowganda-to-Matachewan-Elk Lake, if you're interested, let me know.

Otherwise, sit tight and I'm sure some of the
Temagami specialists will respond.


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Registered: 08-2005
Posted on Monday, April 23, 2007 - 12:57 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Originally we talked about going further I am very interested in finding out more info on some good routes you allude to.
IF you want you can email to me advance
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Registered: 04-2007
Posted on Monday, April 23, 2007 - 1:45 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post


Will do, in more detail, but will give general here so all may benefit.

#1 Put-in at Wapus Creek (12km W of Gowganda)
Proceed North thru Metikemedo-Penassi-
Rankin-Mistinikon-Matchewan-Indian Chutes-
Elk Lake. Can extend to Mowats Landing.

#2 Put-in at Edith Lake (2kms N of Gowganda)
and proceed North thru Obushkong- Beaver- east fork of Crotch Lake-Tommy Lake-Sisseney-
Matachewan-Indian Chutes-Elk lake. Exercise
caution at Tommy-Sisseney Waterfalls! Nice swifts
last 3 kms into Matachewan (runnable)

#3 Put-in at Lost Lake (10km East of Gowganda)
Proceed North thru Wigwam-Bloom-Shillington-
Birch-Portage Lake-Sidney Creek-Sidney Lake-
Montreal river to Indian Chutes-Elk Lake.
Will need to hump or hitch ride at bottom
end of Sidney lake to Montreal River 2.5 km
but Golden Eagle Camp would portage you if
you pre-arranged a time (Nice folks)

#4 Put in at Longpoint Lake (24 km east of
Gowganda) and proceed North on Loingpoint-
Mooseheart-Eagle-Shillington- and on to
same deal at Golden eagle.

#5 Extend trip #1 by put-in at Duncan lake,
proceed to North end of Lake for a day of
R+R... very remote, and nice elevated
campsite. From here there is an old portage
into Rankin, which was not maintained last
year... may be now. I hitched a ride from
there down to Mistinikon Bridge and came
back up to rankin. If I hadn't been on a
tight sched, and had a chain saw, I would
have taken the time to clean it up. I know
there is a full summer logging cut there
this summer, and a brand new road, so it
wouldn't be hard to hitch this year.

Depending which route you might select, there
are three local camps in the area that will
shuttle you to put-in and deliver vehicle to
your destination as you arrange. I highly
recommend this service... cheap, and efficient,
and all nice people. I usually spend one night
at their camp and leave fresh the next day.

Auld Reekie Lodge (Gowganda) Urs and Diane
Long Point (Mid Elk-Gow) Tom Wilson
Golden Eagle Camp at Sidney Creek/Montreal River

If you decide to try one of these, I'll give
additional details/features/camp details/etcc...

Let me know

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Registered: 04-2007
Posted on Monday, April 23, 2007 - 1:48 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post


Almost forgot...

Are you going to share the details of the
"trip that was memorable for all the wrong
Reasons"??? Sounds like a story worth hearing.

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Post Number: 675
Registered: 02-2004

Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 - 9:56 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

Are there any routes open heading west to the West Montreal from Obushkong, Firth or Elkhorn?
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Post Number: 25
Registered: 04-2007
Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 - 10:54 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


There will be if you can spare 2 weekends!

Oughta be... big time... and this is Precisely
our (Roula/my) passion. I must commend you, and
and anyone else out there that can look at a map
and say "why isn't there a path..."

a. I've done Edith-Firth-north bushwacking
into Firth Creek-Penassi... +/- 92.

b. I've done Gowganda-Hangingstone-Fryingpan-
west to unnamed-Elkhorn-margueratt-logan-
Gorman-Lett-North Gamble-Firth (gawd- must
be 77... is that possible... no, bit
later, maybe 82.

c And... i've done... 77 definate...
Beauty lake to calcite Creek to Martin
Lake to Calcite lake to Lost Lake...
with (yup) a Fiset Boy and a Giles Boy
and darn-near starved. Toughest experience
of my life. No tent, no bag, no food...
just bushwhack into calcite with a Boy
Scout compass to old Pete Maille's
cached canoe and paddles... which I
reckon he cached there about 1932!!!
He convinced us to do it, and none of
us owned a canoe, so we were just young
enough to jump at the chance.

Got in there... canoe right where he left it.
Entire 5 feet of bow missing... paddles eaten
by beaver to hammer-handles... and "experience'
dictated to us that "Well, heck... downstream
has GOTTA be easier", so we piled up in the
stern seat, lap-upon-lap-upon-lap to keep the
bow out of the water... lower guy poling,
middle layer ballast, top guy throwing a handline
of monofilament to catch our trout (which never
happened because we hit the absolute PEAK of the
shadfly hatch), and we made it in 2 days to
Lost Lake Camp.

Brian... WAY TOO TRUE STORY, too.

Man-o-man, she was a slog.
(and, i'd do it again tomorrow, for some stupid

Thanks for the memories Brian.

Back to your question.

The routes you mention are equally do-able!!!!
Do you mind being bowmate?

Seriously... Gow Hangingstone Fryingpan elkhorn
to Firth is "doable"... recent trails?...not sure, but very doable regardless... just slash
a trail Frying Pan to elkhorn... and Bobsyeruncle.

I oughta sit down with you and curly and ed,and
get curly to transfer all of my routes on
NTS 41P/NE to Google Earth, and conscript guys
to get them clear. (Hint... part of my mission
for spring 2008) and maybe get Hap to break out
his pen?

Not sure if we'll make it to the May 24.
Not sure if its open to all.
And this Canyon Lake deal has us steamed, so
we've talked about getting in there that weekend,
too... it'll all shake out over the next 2 weeks
I guess.

But, yeah, Brian... you picked some really
good ground... and if they're not open, shad
season is coming...


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Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 - 12:40 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

I love to open up trails, but I have already planned every moment of my summer so, for me, it will have to wait for a subsequent year.
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Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 - 12:58 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post


I'll look into Hangingstone to Elkhorn, and
see what I can make happen.

Thanks for bringing it up.

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Registered: 04-2007
Posted on Monday, May 7, 2007 - 12:48 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post


Ok... thanks for the Inquiry, and I am so pleased
that "your wonderful wife is considering" another
canoe trip.

(And let me remind you Mothers Day is May 13th!!)


The 1;100,000 map is 41P/NE
the 4 maps 1:50000 that encompass all 5 routes
from Gowganda to Matachewan to Elk Lake are
found on
which I've listed in "downstream" order... ie
proceed from west-to-east in Clockwise fashion.

My recomendation would be route #1 above for
general scenery and Rankin Lake serenity. If
you need a "spa" type destination, its Rankin.

Route #2 above is even more private... you will
find yourself having it to yourself, and the last
3 kms are narrow-hairpin-swifts with pretty much
zero danger... so, it gets you that little
adrenaline jolt... especially for the novice...
that is the perfect way to reward yourself for
a 4 day paddle.

Still, Rankins hard to beat.

I dont believe Hap's book has these... but, I
dont have Haps book... just that Hap it seems
has focussed on "temagami-proper", and my area
of famialiarity just happens to be 41PNE. I do
know that Canadian Canoe Routes has my "#1" but
lists it as "West Montreal", and as stated here
(somewhere) earlier, it appears CCR paddled
right past Rankin, not knowing it was there.

The 41PNE has some 22 or 23 different routes i've
done, and as I said, that's where I grew up so
thats where I paddled. I dont need a map, compass, canoe, or paddle on that turf... and I
think Hap has "Temagami proper" covered that way.
(And, I'd like to get together with Hap sometime
and discuss a volume 3!!!)

In general, I only joined Ottertooth 30 days ago,
so, I dont't know Hap, or Curly, or Ed, or Mel,
or Canoebear, or Brian etc... but I've had good
feedback from each of them, and I think they
know how much I respect and appreciate them and
their input/passion to Ottertooth. It shows.

My expertise is a Little Further North, and I've
had chats with some of these guys, and they seem
to know what I'd like to add to Ottertooth. The
"Temagami South Area" seems to be the main area
of "destination", and the "pressure" and "issues"
that come with increased volume just seem to grow
and grow.

I dont want to encourage "A little further north", or "Temagami North", as a new guy, to at
all remove the focus from the "Temagami" area.

I just know that where I (by birth) paddle is
not subject, yet, to a lot of the issues that
the "promonance" of Temagami has attracted. So,
yeah, its more private, there's less garbage, its
rare if you see anyone, youve got your choice of
private campsites, no line-ups for portages, and
on and on... which is not, in anyway meant as a
putdown. Its just that because the focus hasnt
been on my area, yet, the pressures arent yet there.

With Ottertooth, and I think I can say that some
of the Mossy-er Guys have mentioned, my/their goal is

To Promote "Temagami North" so that by more
folks going there, more folks will "see" the
"before" picture of "Zero Volume", and work
with me, and the Legend-Guys of Temagami-South and Chiniguchi, and Nastawgan, and work unitedly to try to expand our "traditional area of paddling", but, also, our "traditional area of influence", before its all clearcut.

Honestly, my area "Temagami North", slips way too
far "under-the-radar" in terms of the clearcuts.
A clearcut in Temagami does get press. If I want,
which I do, to promote a little more respect for
"my" wilderness, I need more aware-people knowing
that mine... all of ours... is disappearing, while the focus is elsewhere.

Basically. If we all work together, we can work
together to protect 3 times as much.

So my friend, I'd access those maps, and then
have a general boo, and get back to me, once
you've plotted them, and I'll stand ready, and
only too happy to assist more.

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Post Number: 9
Registered: 08-2005
Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2007 - 9:50 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

Hey Sundowner, thanks for all the info...I have ordered the maps today. Will have a look at the routes you have described. You did mention in an earlier post some B&B's or outfitters that are good in that area. If you could supply me with name and area (or better yet ph #'s) I would like to call to get weather info, etc as well s maybe a place to stay the 1st (or last night).
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Post Number: 38
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Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2007 - 10:52 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


I can highly recommend Urs and Dianne Brunner at
Auld Reekie Lodge in Gowganda, as they have provided Roula and i with excellent service on
our last 4 excursions. We usually stay at their
lodge one night, head out on our canoetrip, and
then spend one night at the lodge to clean up
before returning home. Urs and Diane always drop
us off at our Put-in Site, take care of our
vehicle while we're in the bush, and then meet
us at whatever destination we've pre-arranged.

Urs has a tremendous amount of local knowledge,
and they also have a 24/7 Tie-in to Environment

Their website is
Telephone 1-705-624-3512
Toll free 1-800-511-1191

Tell them Larry/Roula say hello.
(and ask them to advise Roula when the
"Spike" start hitting!!!

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Post Number: 39
Registered: 04-2007
Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 7:31 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


I just noticed that the email address I gave you
is not the one I regularly use. I believe both
addresses work, but my primary path for Urs/Diane

(You still haven't told us why your October trip
"was memorable for all the wrong reasons". Sounds
like an interesting story?)

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Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 9:11 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

I found the site easy enough, and plan on contacting them. It was an easier sell to the wife last night with some nice comfortable and dry lodging promised at the end of the trip.

Regarding our memorable canoe trip....I first must say that I have done quite a few canoe trips with other guys (mostly father/brother/brotherinlaw), and the we have done some weekend trips as a family (with my bride and 2 kids). We would always have unbelieveable weather when it was just the guys and always rain when with the family :-(

Well a few years back I was celebrating a significant decade birthday and my wife suggested a 'hot all inclusive' trip, ie Cuba. Since it was in mid-Oct, not really a bad idea, but I wasn't really excited about that prospect. So being the good bride that she is, she suggested a 'fly -in' canoe trip with my friends. After giving it some thought, I countered with why not go together and have a marriage enrichment trip. After much careful deliberation, she conceded, however, she was very worried about inclement weather (being mid-Oct) and did not relish the idea of getting really wet and then not being able to be warm. I scoffed it off and told her it would be fine,and the leaves would be beautiful along with all the great scenery Temagami has to offer. Little did I know what type of weather Temagami is capable of in October! And of course to really make a great story i planned a crescent route route with a boat taxi (75mins) dropping us off at one spot and picking us up 6 days later at another.

Upon leaving (Niagara Peninsula) we were a little anxious about the weather forecast of flurries; we were not sure what the forecast was for Temagami. Driving through Huntsville, the snowplows were on the roads plowing about 2" of wet flurries from the roads. Now we were more then anxious! However, the weather cleared as we arrived at the water taxi and it was just bone chillng cold the snow had stopped. We were dropped off, and found a beautiful little island campsite after a short paddle and set up a lovely camp with fire blazing, steaks on it, coffee pot simmering, and an unbelievable sunset! We retired early since we had such a long day of driving and slept quite restfully until about 5:30am. We awoke to cold temps (understandbly)and the type of grey sky that I described to my wife that could be like that all day long with no precipitation (I was definitely thinking snow not rain), or it could actually start doing something at any time. We had a quiet breakfast and broke camp without incident, and as we pushed off to begin our day, it started raining. It rained for 36 straight hours on us. We paddled with frozen hands the entire day and set up camp in the pouring rain. We had a rain soaked and sullen supper as we waited for it to stop. The next morning ..still pouring....and very quietly this morning we picked up camp and shoved off. The entire next day...solid rain....and then in the afternoon, sleet along with a wicked wind. In th elate afternoon, as we were paddling up to the top of this one lake, we were looking for an isthmus to cross over into the next lake. As we cleared some forest, the wind hit us broadside and it took forever to make it over the sandy isthmus as the wind thwarted us time and time again. When we finally made it over, the next lake had like 20" breakers and the sleet was teaming down. We decided that was enough for one day... The only problem was the campsite was a beach site and would have been beautiful in the summer, as it was in October, the wind and sleet was just pounding and there was no way we would be able to stay there. We determined not to go back, so we hiked into the bush a few 100m trying to find a spot open enough to set up the tent and away from the wind. It was at this point in time, that we were not intent of survival,not there to enjoy the scenery and landscape. My wife fretted that now we were stuck in the bush forever and she would never see her kids again, etc...It was kinda dramatic :-) but scary too! We did manage to set the tent up and sleep abit. the next morning we awoke to drizzle only and the lake much calmer. So we headed back out in it. The next 2 days were the ...
And as always, the last day was finally not raining and much calmer. We were able to paddle out and meet our boat taxi. My wife was ready to kiss him upon seeing him. And as we were being ferried back to civilization, she did mention (finally) how beautiful Temagami was and that it would probably be really nice if it was not so rainy and cold!
Sbhe vowed after that trip to never again go canoeing with me....birthday or not...never. She threatend to give up her sleeping bag to the homelss... But here we are 3 yrs later and a promise from me that we will do it in the summer not the late fall....she is again considering it.
So that is why I need to find a good route :-) And hopefully, for her sake she will have some sunshine on this trip! We should be safe from snow, don't you think?

Long story eh?
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Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 10:13 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


(Man... do I smile, in TOTAL appreciation, of
your entire experience... and, I for one understand completely, what your Wife was feeling
and what You were feeling... and there are a lot
of folks out there, that appreciate you sharing
your story... because, I dont think there is a
"Canoe-Couple" out there, that hasn't known a
similar experience... made-it-thru... and grown
stronger for it. Thank you)

Roula and I took our first joint-trip in late
July 2005... the Wapus Rankin Trip. Roula had
never been in a canoe before, and had done the
Provincial Park Camping thing, numerous times,
for level of "Bush experience", really... and
she's done a lot of it... but as we drove 10 hours north into an increasingly remote north,
there is no doubt that her enlightenment got

We'd only known eachother a few months... her
immediate family had every possible tragic vision
one could possibly imagine... eaten by bears...
dragged down by wolves... or worse, just never
to be seen again. But, Roula is her own woman.
She sets her own sights... and she was not to be
denied a vision-of-her-own-choosing.

She met my Dad for the first time, a career
MNR guy and BushGuy, and asked for advice on
how-to-deal-with-bears. Dad replied stonefaced
and sincere "Just remember... you don't need
to outrun the Bear... just make sure you outrun
Larry, and you'll be fine". (And, actually, I did
have a face-to-face with a Bear on that trip
for a good hour. Roula was in the tent and threw
me out my axe, as requested, and while I was out
there in the dark with him, all of a sudden I
heard this gawdawful sound!! It was the sound of
Roula tucked safely in her sleeping bag, snoring). Guess Dad's words had impact, eh?!!

The best visions of my life, so far, are the
visions of that trip. I'm a Bush-guy, Roula is,
I say respectfully, a City-Girl. Well, she was,
she isn't any more. But, she went into that trip
with a very low experience factor, yet took it
on, and yielded trustingly to any instruction I
gave her (most of which were sincere, and some
which I MUST admit were for PURE personal smirk!)

I even "taught her I can walk on water", and she can't... and now there's a story.

The point is that for all the years (literally)
I've lived in the bush, on that trip, I learned
that "my bush" will never again be "my bush" if
she's not in it. I would rather give up paddling
than miss her "wild-eyed wonder" at whatever may
lie beyond the next curve of the river.

We paddled 5 days... Roula begged for 3 more...
we extended our trip another 40 miles.

A few weeks later we became Engaged.

And two months later, we snowshowed in to
Thieving Bear Lake (temagami... Red Squirrel Rd)
and spent Xmas Day to New Years in our tent
Winter Camping at 25 Below.

I promise you, and we promise your Wife, Rankin is WHERE you cannot go wrong, if you would like
to experience the other-side-of-the-coin from
your October trip. (And, you never know, perhaps
we'll paddle in for a night with a bottle of
Shiraz, meet you, and toast your trip).

Wmac, Roula is an amazing Photographer, and she
has some World-Class shots of that route. If it helps, I could ask her to email some stuff to
your titan-site, and you could share with your
Bowmate. A lot of her shots go to a Commercial
interest, and she has to keep some propriety
over her work, but if it helps, let me know, OK?

As for Auld Reekie... yeah... the shots say it
all... but, again... We promise you both that
the pictures really cannot do it justice, and
We might never possibly describe, the experience
of meeting, knowing, and valueing the experience
of knowing Urs and Diane. You cannot find two
more beautiful people, more committed to whomever
they happen to meet.

Good luck

Sundown and Lillydipper

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Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 10:44 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

I would love to see some pics of the area. We are really looking for rock, as opposed to beach or marshy type of lanscape. IF your wife is willing to forward a pic or 2 of what is out there, that would be great! please send to
As far as Auld Reekie, I showed the bride the website last night and there was lots of enthusiasm. Now that she is entertaining the idea, I will contact them to get some local info. so thanks for that contact as well.
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Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 10:51 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


As for snow... yeah... I remember 2004... I was
then living in Temagami area. We got snow Oct 7
which stayed, and that was massively unusual.

Being a born Elk Laker, I have seen snow in
every month of the Calendar, in one year or
another, but 2004 was definately abnormal.

August 1st, temperatures drop for a bit, usually
but, usually that just means brisk wakeups in
the morning. Temagami-proper tends to be more
volatile than the Rankin area. The area you would
be in is the first "Hilly" (mountainous) area
the Northerly Air Systems encounter all the way
south from James Bay... so the systems tend
to START building around Rankin, but ARENT YET
ready-to-dump-on-you until they reach the Temagami area.

The region we're talking about is known for
extended-high-pressure... which is pretty much
what we guys look for. The systems build here,
but deliver elsewhere, as a general rule. Like
last years tornado-hurricane which literally
pounded Temagami-North Bay-Mattawa... Roula and
I were at Rankin at that time. We had a sunset
wind/rain/lightning display, for an hour... then
it moved south, and pounded Tem-NB etc... and we
crawled out of the tent and enjoyed the sunset.

Personally, I find July more unstable than August, as a rule. August has cooler mornings,
but weather more stable in general.

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Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 11:22 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


Metikemedo is all Canadian Shield... excellent
campsites all along the way. Penassi has excellent rock-elevated campsite on east side
halfway north. Rankin is 600 yard sand beach,
but there is a Cdn-Shield site on eastshore.

The Caribou Falls (Caution) is as Shield as it
gets. Once you've done that Canyon Portage, paddle back up the Canyon to the Falls and it
is simply Mystical-Spiritual... footdeep grooves
in the rock from countless indigenous footsteps.
The North Canyon shore/Cliff of the Canyon is
emblazoned with exposed rust-iron. Picturesque,
and almost hauntingly spiritual.

Mistinikon is Rock... excellent shield campsite
on south shore. One Km past the Mistinikon
Bridge is my personal fave site... huge misty

From matachewan south to elk Lake, it is all
dramatic rock escarpment until the bridge
crossing Hwy 65... for shore-cliffs, that is
a very private and dramatic view.

If you folks decide, I can email Lat/Longitudes
for sites/points of interest etc...

See titansteel site, later today.


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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007 - 8:43 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


Thanks a ton for all the info yesterday. And thank your wife as well! NOw just waiting for topo maps so we can follow your suggestions and see for ourselves the proposed route.

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Post Number: 44
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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007 - 10:38 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


No Problem... our pleasure... when you receive
the topos, and confirm your route decision, I'll
break out my own maps and highlight all campsites, points-of-interest, rapid locations,
portage (or best wading-lines, for each), also,
what I call "bailout points"... in the event of
an injury etc... There are a lot of bushtrails,
emergency routes, remote shelters etc... that
aren't on any map. And, I always have a full-file
available for my partner in the event that I am
the one who is injured. Its always fine and dandy
to have a lot of personal experience and knowledge of your route, but if the guy who has
the expertise is the one who has the injury, and
maybe can't relay it due to his condition, the
entire situation can change quickly to the worse.

Roula and I always make sure we've got the
"bailout plan" written down, and mapped, for
each day we're out there... cuz ya never know.
(and, I've had to bring out a few comatose
trippers before... all survived)

Hope you guys enjoy the photos. It's Roula's
main passion, and she's had pretty good success
commercially with those shots. (I just paddle )


PS... I'll also highlight all the worst-fishing-spots for you. No charge.
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Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007 - 7:47 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

Received my maps on Friday, and have scouted the area out a little bit. The route you have in mind, is it a loop or does it require a pick up at the end? And it is for sure do-able in 4-5 days? Not meaning to sound pessimistic, just trying to now formulate the plan if you know what I mean.
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Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007 - 9:00 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


I'd recommend either a pick-up or vehicle transfer. You folks will have to make determinations on endpoint based on your known
ability and paddling-distance preferences, and how many "fishing days" you plan.

Roula and I did this route in 2005, and she had never been in a canoe before, and we did full Wapus to Elk Lake in 7 days with a fishingday at
Rankin. In 2006 Roula and I left Rankin at 10:00am and arrived at Wapus at 14:30 (upstream)

Now that you have your maps, i would direct you
to Bell Island on Mistinikon Lake. There is a tourist camp (Christies Camp- Hugh McLellan). I would recommend that you depart Wapus and consider Christies as you virtual endpoint. By this I mean, that you can plan a real pleasant
3.5 hours a day average for 3 days with 1-2 fishingdays.

Myself, I'd depart Wapus 09:00 arrive Rankin at 13:30, two night at Rankin, paddle 4 hours incl Caribou Portage to campsite 1km north of Mistinikon bridge (See misty morning photo),
next morning carry on to Christies and have
Hugh transfer you to Matchewan park, where you
can carry on down the Montreal to either the
Hwy 65 bridge, or further down to the Junction of the montreal and sidney creek (golden eagle camp). You have phones at Christies,Golden Eagle, and you can advise Urs/Diane of your intentions, but shorten/extend as weather/wishes determine.

PS Some of the guys will know this IS loopable but it would be a hardpressed 6-7 days, and a cozy 12 days. You'd go Wapus-Matachewan-Elk Lake-
to Mowats Landing-Lady Evelyn Lake, North Channel-Lady Evelyn River-Stumpy Lake-Gowganda Lake (Auld reekie)... but thats a story and a half ... and not what youre looking for.

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You have pinned my wife perfectly, I can easily convince her to paddle 3-4hrs leisurely a day. this is perfect info, and I am in no way interested in pushing our limits trying to do something beyond our abilities and more importantly sour her again. I also, like the idea of spending more then 1 day at a campsite. Afterall, the idea is that it is our vacation and is supposed to be leisure time not kill yourself trying to make your destination or worse a pick up point by a previously ( and aggressively enthusiastic) by a certain deadline...that simply would not work for us or what we are interested in. I like the idea of vehicle transfer and arranged a loose date/time with Urs.....

thanks for info...let me look at the map, get my bearings and then report back to you :-)
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Yeah... hear you... and, again, Rankin is MORE than capable of removing previous bad experiences. It is just SO beautiful in there.

Your real "Highlights" ARE Wapus to Mistinikon
bridge... and I have to say that I am 99% certain
that this "Turf" will accomplish your mission.
You may be more likely to find that it will be
your wife who raises the topic of extending the
trip, once she's experienced that stretch. And,
as you see, this route is easily extendable for
as long and as far as conditions/whims dictate.

(Which is precisely what happened with Roula in 2005. )

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Hi Boys you might find this site useful for planning. Thanks for the great stories. p
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Yeah, I've got that one.

I normally use (prefer) another site you may not have:

Not sure direct path, but I just Google on

"Ontario Basic Mapping" and their OBM Tool is
right there.

My opinion, worth a try, for what it gives me.
Let me know.

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Yep I use that one too. Saves waiting for the topos to come in the mail.

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