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Archive through May 21, 2008micmac25 05-21-08  6:53 pm
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Post Number: 131
Registered: 03-2006

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - 8:46 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Hi Nancy,

We didn't join the party for many of the reasons Micmac points out. It's been a very busy spring in Temagami and I've not taken a paddlestroke yet! And we didn't inform you of this effort earlier because it didn't take place until Sunday. :-)

Picking up garbage is very important. So is going to MNR meetings. Temagami needs people doing both.

Check your email for the photos you asked for.
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Post Number: 64
Registered: 10-2006

Posted on Thursday, May 22, 2008 - 5:39 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

No offence intended. I didn't mean to say you weren't doing your part. Not at all. I just said there was no response.

Last year, I thought there was an interest in Temagami to help clean it up, except for the early date.

We all do our best.
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Registered: 10-2007
Posted on Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 12:55 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

If anyone wishes to make wine anytime soon, there are still dandelions aplenty in my yard. That CT gadget has me providing lots of holes for me to practice my putting.
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Registered: 10-2006

Posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 3:47 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

The results are in!


Number of Groups - 13 (all in Ontario)
Number of Volunteers - 89++
Number of Bags of Garbage - 59 large++, 53 park-size
Locations - Serpentine Route, Crab Lake, Algonquin Park (trails, Little Doe & Tom Thompson Lakes, Sunday Creek, White Partridge Lake), Wabakimi, Eels Creek, O’Brien’s Bridge at Moira River, Toronto Harbour, Killarney Park (Grace & Nellie Lakes), Obabika Lake (Temagami)
Other Items - electrical tape, old bottles from Rangers about 50 years old, tires (one filled with cement), a Christmas decoration, shoes & socks (always an odd number!), scrap metal, skid plate from a truck’s gas tank, tape measure, propane tanks & canisters, a set of pots & pans.

Breakdown Into Groups

Kawartha Brigade
Location - Serpentine Route, Kawarthas
Number of Volunteers - 6
Number of Bags of Garbage - 14
Other Items Found - a road pylon, chair frames, old rusty grills, large piece of Styrofoam, pail filled with garbage

The Wolf Pack
Location - The Wolf Den, Algonquin
Number of Volunteers - 30+
Number of Bags of Garbage - 26 park-size of garbage, 23 park-size of recycling
Other Items Found - bunch of old metal, tire filled with cement, skid plate from a truck’s gas tank, the tape from a tape measure, propane tanks & canisters, a set of pots & pans

Wabakimi Project
Location - Wabakimi
Number of Volunteers - unknown (still ongoing)
Number of Bags of Garbage - unknown (still ongoing)

Location - Eels Creek
Number of Volunteers - 2
Number of Bags of Garbage - 2
Other Items Found - 5 shoes

1st Milton Venturers
Location - Crab Lake
Number of Volunteers - not reported
Number of Bags of Garbage - 1

Quinte Paddlers & Hikers
Location - O’Brien’s Bridge at Moira River
Number of Volunteers - 3
Number of Bags of Garbage - 4
Other Items Found - 3 tires, a Christmas decoration

Killer Bees
Location - Little Doe & Tom Thompson Lakes, APP
Number of Volunteers - 4
Number of Bags of Garbage - 4 park-size
Other Items Found - lots of socks, oven mitt, hats

Molly & the Mermaids
Location - Toronto Harbour
Number of Volunteers - 6
Number of Bags of Garbage - 6

Aquatic Park Sailing Club
Location - Toronto Harbour area
Number of Volunteers - 20+
Number of Bags of Garbage - 20+

Pick Up Artists
Location - Sunday Creek, APP
Number of Volunteers - 9
Number of Bags of Garbage - less than 1
Other Items Found - old Nalgene bottle

Location - Grace & Nellie Lakes, Killarney
Number of Volunteers - 2
Number of Bags of Garbage - unknown, but found very little
Other Items Found - discovery of the ruins of an old maple syrup operation (other than the one they knew was already there) with 2 buildings, several old wood stoves (patented 1883), barrel hoops, saw blades and sleigh runners. They left everything intact.

Members of Friends of Temagami
Location - Ranger Point, Obabika Lake
Number of Volunteers - 5
Number of Bags of Garbage - 10+ (a lot of old bottles about 50 years old)

Location - White Partridge, APP
Number of Volunteers - 2
Number of Bags of Garbage - 1 or less
Other Items Found - electrical tape


Number of Groups - 2 (short notice for new leader, Greg ‘Bo’ Bowers)
Number of Volunteers - 5
Number of Bags of Garbage - 5
Locations - Red River Gorge, Rock Island Trail (Illinois)
Other Items - metal mattress frame, sheet metal roofing, a sheet of wood, real estate signs, an actual pair of sandals, 1 shoe

Breakdown Into Groups

Bo Bowers
Location - Red River Gorge Trail, Kentucky
Number of Volunteers - 2
Number of Bags of Garbage - less than 1

Anselmo & Company
Location - Rock Island Trail, Illinois
Number of Volunteers - 4
Number of Bags of Garbage - 4
Other Items Found - metal mattress frame, a large piece of metal roofing, a sheet of wood, real estate signs (ads), 2 sandals, 1 running shoe, fertilizer bags


Number of Groups - 9
Number of Volunteers - 67
Number of Bags of Garbage - 52+
Locations - Castle Semple Loch, Union Canal (Rathlo-Linns Mill), Basingstoke Canal, Buckie, Chichester Canal, Medway, River Beult, Grand Union Canal
Other Items - real estate signs, light bulbs, sports bottles, polystyrene cups, umbrella, top of a washing machine, part of a vacuum cleaner, whole vacuum cleaner, football, 6 tires, 15 golf balls, several traffic cones, front bumper of a car, car seat, TV, clothing items (some of a “delicate nature”), 15’ length of an 8” in diameter red flexible pipe, box of unused condoms, fish hooks & lines, a “Winnie the Poo” ball, motorcycle, toilet seat (hey, another one!), 20 dead fish, dead rabbit, dead cat in a plastic bag (very sad), garbage bags dumped over a river fence when there is a local dump less than 1/2 mile away.

Breakdown Into Groups

Poledancer & Company
Location - Union Canal (Rathlo-Linns Mill)
Number of Volunteers - 4
Number of Bags of Garbage - 4
Other Items Found - a sign, light bulbs, Lucozade sports bottles, polystyrene cups, umbrella, top of a washing machine, part of a Hoover vacuum cleaner, large tire + wheel, football

MagiKelly & Company
Location - Castle Semple Loch
Number of Volunteers - 8
Number of Bags of Garbage - 8 (within 20 minutes)
Other Items Found - 5 tires, front bumper of a car, 2 signs, 2 traffic cones, car seat, road bollard, vacuum cleaner, 15+ golf balls

KeithD & Company
Location - Basingstoke Canal
Number of Volunteers - 7
Number of Bags of Garbage - 16
Other Items Found - several road cones, TV, clothing “of a delicate nature”, 15 foot length of 8” diameter red flexible pipe, complete box of unused condoms

Location - Buckie
Number of Volunteers - 2
Number of Bags of Garbage - 1

Bazbunny & Company
Location - Chichester Canal
Number of Volunteers - 12
Number of Bags of Garbage - 2 (that I saw in picture)
Other Items Found - “undesirable objects”, fishing hooks & lines, ‘Winnie the Poo’ ball, dead rabbit

Medway Paddlers (Wayne Jones-UK leader) and Group of Scouts (2 groups into 1)
Location - River Medway
- River Beult cleanup by Scouts
Number of Volunteers - 2 groups together -- 26 people (including a group of Scouts), 4 dogs, 15 canoes
Number of Bags of Garbage - 15
Other Items Found - motorcycle, toilet seat

MacK & Company
Location - Union Canal Mini Cleanup
Number of Volunteers - 6
Number of Bags of Garbage - unknown

DanDan & Company
Location - Grand Union Canal (Slough arm)
Number of Volunteers - 2
Number of Bags of Garbage - 6 (could have filled more)
Other Items Found - 20 dead fish, dead cat in a bag, pile of garbage tossed over the fence near a “travellers’ site”


Number of Groups - 3
Number of Volunteers - 134
Number of Bags of Garbage - 61+++++
Locations - Itapetininga River, Ipatinga, Taubate
Other Items - deodorant cans, pesticide bottle (by law it has to be returned to the seller), lots of sandals (hey it’s hotter in Brazil), paint cans, car parts, plastic chairs, metal buckets

Breakdown Into Groups

Tony Carlos Osse & Company
Location - Itapetininga River
Number of Volunteers - 50+
Number of Bags of Garbage - 49
Other Items Found - deodorant cans, a pesitcide bottle (by law must be returned to the seller), lots of sandals (it’s warm in Brazil!), paint cans, plastic chairs, metal buckets

Special Mention - Tony & company were greeted in the town of Campina do Monte Alegre on Friday by 50 ladies of the Third Age Walking group, holding signs of The Great Wilderness Cleanup in Portuguese. There were dancers dressed in costume, too (not sure if this was before or after the cleanup). They walked with Tony to the first school, where about 100 students were waiting outside front of the school. They were then given a tour of the school, class by class. Tony spoke to 2 different groups of students at 2 schools on Friday, May 9th, 2008 - more than a total of 500 students! The students were very involved in the learning experience as the teachers were talking to them about it for a week before the event.
A small garbage truck was needed to haul it away. Part of it was moved to the city central square. The garbage was sold to a recycling business in the city for “a symbolical price”.

Tony also talked with the Mayor.

He was also greeted by people from a nearby city on a bridge as the group put in the river.

Scouts Group #1
Location - Taubate
Number of Volunteers - 49
Number of Bags of Garbage - not reported

Scouts Group #2
Location - Ipatinga
Number of Volunteers - 35
Number of Bags of Garbage - 12


Number of Groups - 27
Number of Volunteers - 295++
Number of Bags of Garbage - 177++ large, 53 park-size
Other Items - some very strange stuff out there...

I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, let me know!

What an amazing job you've all done!! Give yourselves a great big pat on the back!

Winners will be announced soon...
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Post Number: 66
Registered: 10-2006

Posted on Saturday, June 14, 2008 - 5:00 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Before I announce the prize winners, I would like to acknowledge and give my thanks to the people, organizations and companies who, through donations, prize giveaways, services, time and great effort, have helped me make this dream come true. If I have neglected to mention anyone, I apologize, for there are SO many to thank, and I thank those, as well.

First of all, I must give thanks to Dave Gillen (Tripper Dave) for getting me into all of this in the first place. It’s all your fault, Dave!

I’d also like to thank my employer, Canada Post Corporation, who, for the second year, donated $2,000.00 towards this cause, a donation which purchased the grand prize Nova Craft PAL canoe; Eureka!, Explore Magazine and Mountain Equipment Co-op for once again donating great prizes; Nova Craft for their terrific support and help with the winning canoe; The Boston Mills Press (Kevin Callan‘s publisher) and Kevin Callan for donating some of Kevin‘s new book as prizes; Laurie March for her donation of and work on and Touchwood Editions (Canadian publisher of Laurie’s new book, “A Fork in the Trail“) for donating 2 of Laurie‘s great outdoor cookbook as prizes; The Wolf Den Bunkhouse for providing a discounted stay for volunteers and also for a second winning effort; Algonquin Outfitters for providing prizes at The Wolf Den this year and also for 3 years of providing free canoes for the event; M&M Meat Shops (second year - thanks Kim Cowan) and Huntsville Robinson’s Independent Grocer, both for providing great food for the BBQ at The Wolf Den; Algonquin Provincial Park - and especially Park Warden, Kirk McEathron - for 3 years of support and help, offering free day passes for volunteers, gloves, garbage/recycling bags, etc., right from the start; the new leaders from Brazil (Antonio Carlos Osse), USA (Greg ’Bo’ Bowers) and the UK (Wayne Jones) who have joined in our efforts and made this cause a global one; John Kelly of Song of the Paddle web site who kept me up on all the blogs; the many web sites which have supported (and put up with) my ramblings on the forums; Bill Lafferre (Hillbilly) for his advice, friendship and a few plugs now and again.

Special thanks to Kevin Callan, who has given me ongoing and endless support and encouragement over the past 3 years. Kevin has not only been behind me in my efforts, he has joined up with me; he is the voice for The Great Wilderness Cleanup and has worked his writing and speaking talents across North America to help spread the word. He has gone out there with his shovel (sorry, couldn’t resist that one, Kevin!) and done the dirty work with the rest of us. Thanks, Kevin, for helping me make this cause what it is today. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Last, but certainly not least, I give my deepest thanks to all the volunteers who gave up some of their free time - and a lot of their effort - to get out there and clean up our beloved wilderness, parks, playgrounds, and even city areas. I am deeply grateful for all you have done. You have all proven that...together we ARE making a REAL difference.

Kudos to everyone! And here we go...!

2008 Canada Prize Winners

Grand Prize for Most Garbage & Largest Group wins - Nova Craft PAL canoe - The Wolf Pack (Wolf Den Bunkhouse) - 49 bags of garbage/recycling (park-sized) and over 30 volunteers

Best City Cleanup & Coolest Item Found wins - Eureka tent - Aquatic Park Sailing Club - 20+ volunteers and 20+ bags of garbage Coolest item - “Message in a bottle - “a church 140th anniversary from 2003 and they'd put notes in bottles asking finders to call or write when/where the bottles were found.“

Longest Portage Cleaned wins - one GWC portage sign (group members will decide who gets to keep it) & MEC dry bag/travel mug for 6 members - Kawartha Brigade - Serpentine Route portage at 1584m. The Kawartha Brigade took out 14+ bags of garbage.

Best Photo wins - Kevin Callan book - Photo of Kevin Callan’s ‘lost canoe’ - winning photo chosen by Kevin Callan and taken by none other than “Lost Canoe” himself...thanks for being such a good sport, Kevin, after your canoe floated away on you! HOTOS/CANADA%20-%20kevinslostcanoe.JPG

Best Unplanned Cleanup wins - one GWC portage sign (group members will decide who gets to keep it) - Members of FOT took out over 10 bags of garbage - Ranger Point, Obabika Lake

Most Ongoing Project wins - “A Fork in the Trail” by Laurie March - Wabakimi Project is still ongoing.

Most Unusual Item wins - MEC dry bag/travel mug for 3 members - Quinte Paddlers and Hikers - Christmas decoration

Most Historical Find wins - “A Fork in the Trail” by Laurie March - Ghoslo - discovered ruins of old maple syrup operation in Killarney

Best Group Name wins - Explore Magazine subscription for 9 members - Pick Up Artists (second-year winners)

2008 Brazil, USA & UK Prize Winners

Best Photo for USA, UK and Brazil each wins - Kevin Callan‘s new book due out in August 2008

I thought I would pick something from each country that reflects the ugly (of garbage, that is) versus the beautiful...

BRAZIL - (Cleanup organized by Antonio Carlos Osse)

The ugly...notice how the boat for the garbage is larger than the boat that holds the people - and more garbage... (Fred Chalub wins a Kevin Callan book for the following 2 photos he took) HOTOS/BRAZIL%20-%20FredChalub-cld15-copy.jpg

And the beautiful... (people celebrating the cleanup event) HOTOS/BRAZIL%20-%20Fred%20Chalub%20-%202491395972_ d98d31337c.jpg

USA - (Cleanup by Greg ‘Bo’ Bowers’)

The ugly...notice the garbage can provided by the park, yet unused until our volunteers added all of this... (Anselmo Ferreira wins a Kevin Callan book for the following 2 photos he took) HOTOS/USA%20-%20Anselmo%20Ferreira%20-%20WWCleanin gDay2008_4.JPG

And the beautiful... HOTOS/USA%20-%20Anselmo%20Ferreira%20-%20WWCleanin gDay2008_5.JPG

UK- (Cleanup by Wayne Jones)

The ugly AND the beautiful...(KeithD wins a Kevin Callan book for the following photo) I think this one photo says it all... HOTOS/UK%20-%20KeithD-image40.jpg

All Volunteers

Outstanding Effort - Many, many thanks from Kevin Callan and Nancy Maddock for your time, caring and efforts towards this worthy cause. Together we are making a real difference.
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Posted on Thursday, July 3, 2008 - 5:36 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Well, the good news just keeps coming in!

A few days ago, I received news from 'Uncle' Phil Cotton of The Wabakimi Project. This is how they are progressing so far in the season:

Phil said, "To date, we've shipped 17 bags of trash out on our rendezvous flights,
collected 16 bags at a single public access point on Highway 599 and
left 5 other bags behind with notes pleading for their removal. What
with our trail-clearing obligations, the horrendous weather we've
experienced and our direction of travel, it was better to leave them on
the canoe route closer to the highway than attempt to drag them with us
further into the interior. I'm working on developing a relationship
with the Sioux Lookout MNR Fire Base to see if they could use some of
the pre-paid helicopter charter time to pick up these bags when the
forest fire season draws to a close. I'll send you a more detailed
report at the end of the season."

Thanks Wabakimi!

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