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Canoeing Landscape

Hudson Bay Watershed

Three Canoe Meccas

Crees of Quebec

Wood-Canvas Canoe

Largest Fleets

Field Repairs

Rupert Factory

Ambroid Glue


Quebec Cree

Hudson Bay Lowlands

Last Frontier

Temagami Nastawgan

L. Temagami Atlas

Lower Hudson Bay 

Meccas and the Bay

Temagami Region

Rupert River

Sutton River


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One-of-a-kind book:

Canoe Atlas of the Little North

This tour-de-force has just raised the bar on canoe-route books.

Ontario's Highest Elevations

A new list and a first of the top 15 peaks in Ontario.


Canoeist Tragedy in the Torngats

Answers from the search party and opinion from well-known canoeists

North American hi-res sat images on the Web

Google now has a library of North American satellite images online. This is a remarkable tool. The images are not real-time, but from a database of high-resolution orbital passes.

Ontario's topos on the Web

Ontario Base Maps, the largest-scale Ontario topographical maps available, are now accessible on the Internet for free.


Rupert River: The Big Water

A look at one of North America's great northern canoeing rivers. Indepth


Death of the Eastmain River:

A Retrospective

In 1979, 100 per cent of the Eastmain River was diverted as part of the James Bay Project.






Sutton River

A journey down a little-known river, which looks like the gods transplanted it from the Canadian Shield, in the Hudson Bay Lowlands. Indepth

Going to Canada

Some helpful information we've picked up.



Ontario's roadless areas disappearing

Only 40 roadless areas larger than 200 square kilometres remained as of 1998, according to the Wildlands League. An average of 1,700 kilometres of new logging roads are built each year.

25 million hits and growing

Ten months after its birth, Ottertooth reached its first million hits on Aug. 29, 2001! And then it took less than half that time to reach the second million! Today, we have topped 25 million. Thanks to all of you for your support. 


      Canadian Fire Conditions

         Ont/Que - NOAA 

         North America - NOAA

      Snow Cover

         Central Canada



        Water gauges across Canada

Keewaydin: canoeing north over 100 years

The world's oldest canoe-trip operation has an incredible record of expeditions in Canada's North, and some in Maine in the nineteenth century. And Keewaydin continues to preserve key aspects of our wilderness-canoeing heritage. Indepth

Satellite photos

Ice, snow, wildfires.


April 5: Ice break up


June 22: Smoke  May 25: James Bay 

May 18:  Southern James Bay

Apr 30:  James Bay basin   Mar 9:  Great Lakes

Feb 20:  Full image  Great Lakes 

Jan 13  Jan 4  Dec 16

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