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FEBRUARY 25, 2003

Ontario proposes expansion of logging road network, 

opening old roads

MNR's new logging proposal calls for re-opening the Red Squirrel Road extension and the southern Liskeard Lumber Road. Logging, if approved by the public, will expand the road network into a number of roadless areas. 

A major trunk road is proposed through the Muskego Wildlands. This road will connect with the Red Squirrel Road and complete the encirclement of Anima Nipissing Lake by road.

The logging-plan information provided to the public neglects to show other roads. It is a long-standing practice of the ministry not to show these until after the plan is approved, and only then after persistent enquiries by the individual. Ottertooth has created a map to estimate the road network that will be created by the proposed logging.

  MAP:  Logging roads 2003-09

Previous logging proposals have sparked a legacy of protests that altered plans.

At open houses in March, MNR will release more detail on the plan. The ministry is asking for public comment. 

Comments should be mailed or faxed to:

Greg Gillespie

Ministry of Natural Resources

3301 Trout Lake Rd.

North Bay, ON  P1A 4L7

Voice: 705-475-5516

Fax: 705-475-5500   

FEBRUARY 22, 2003

Temagami Winter Carnival off and running this weekend

Kelly Prefasi with the lion he sculpted in front of the Temagami Mews.

Photo: Don Miller

Photo: snow lion at Temagami Winter Carnival, 2003

Photo: fire at Temagami arena, 2003

FEBRUARY 21, 2003

Second disaster at Temagami arena

Fire struck Temagami's community centre last night. The cause is not known, but the area burned had been reconstructed after last winter's roof collapse. 

Photo: Don Miller

FEBRUARY 21, 2003

Yesterday from space

Temagami, Great Lakes and the northeastern states from space. 

   SATELLITE PHOTO:  Temagami and the Great Lakes

                                Temagami, Great Lakes and northern U.S.


Photo: deep cold on thermometer, Lake Temagami, 2003

FEBRUARY 14, 2003


That was photographer Bob's only comment. Taken on Cattle Island, Lake Temagami, 7:45 a.m. Yes, it's Celsius.


Photo: Bob Farr

FEBRUARY 12, 2003

Keewaydin marking 100 years on Devil's Island with reunion

Camp Keewaydin, Canada's oldest youth camp, has announced an alumni reunion for August. The event will commemorate 100 years at its current site on the North Arm of Lake Temagami.

Keewaydin is the oldest private institution in Temagami, arriving in 1902 before the railroad. Two years later, it set up its current base camp on Devil's Island (island 1147). The unique facilities have buildings that date to 1905 and the island still has its rustic, early twentieth-century atmosphere. The camp was founded in 1894 in Maine.

  BACKGROUND:  Keewaydin

The reunion will be held August 13 to 15 on Devil's Island.


FEBRUARY 9, 2003

Lake Temagami park steps closer to reality,

lands removed from mineral staking

The Lake Temagami park moved closer to reality as 58 square kilometres of Crown land in the Skyline Reserve were excluded from mineral staking, prospecting, sale or lease. This is a necessary step as lands staked and recorded take rights from the Crown and give it to the prospector, which would stand in the way of park creation.

The remainder of the proposed park will consist of lands on the proposed Indian reserve, which were withdrawn from mining-related activities in 1996.

The park had originally been proposed as the 288-square-kilometre Skyline Reserve on the mainland of Lake Temagami, but a significant portion was removed from the park proposal for mining interests, as reported here on February 6.

The Skyline Reserve, created in 1935, has never been logged and contains significant areas of old-growth red and white pine and aboriginal heritage sites. 

A park could be a boon to the local tourism-recreation economy in Temagami village. For the first time, a band of green would stretch from the community to the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater park cluster, making the village the obvious park centre. 

  RELATED STORY & MAP:  Skyline Reserve park 


Photo: truck breaks through ice on Lake Temagami, 2003

FEBRUARY 7, 2003

Stay on the road, boys

"You can take the boys from the city, but don't let them go off road on Lake Temagami," says photographer Peter Healy. The truck left the ice road to Bear Island at 10 a.m., the driver thinking he could just head to Rabbitnose Island.


Photo: Peter Healy

FEBRUARY 6, 2003

Lake Temagami park reduced in size for mining

The proposed park for the mainland of Lake Temagami has been reduced in size for mining interests, according to a new map released.

Ontario had said the park would be the current Skyline Reserve and would exclude high-potential mining lands. A map published last winter showed only four small mining areas. A new map released late last month has removed significantly more: most of the Northeast Arm, 26 kilometres of western shoreline, Ferguson Mountain, several blocks in the Southwest Arm, two blocks on the North Arm, and a block on McLean Peninsula.

"It was a compromise to mining interests for Indian lands lost to mining," Ontario's chief negotiator Doug Carr said.



Photo: ice road, Lake Temagami, 2003

FEBRUARY 2, 2003

Northeast Arm looking east toward Ferguson Point

The photo was taken from the ice road on the Northeast Arm.

Temagami Tim can see his shadow.

Photo: Tim Gooderham

Photo: Lake Timiskaming from Vulture's View

Looking northeast toward Lake Timiskaming from near Vulture's View, last May.         Photo: Murray Muir


FEBRUARY 2, 2003

Beaver Mountain and Vulture's View trails open

A spectacular trail system has opened in the area where the Matabitchuan River empties into Lake Timiskaming. The new system leads to the top of Beaver Mountain, the highest point on Lake Timiskaming, and to several breathtaking lookouts to the south, including Vulture's View. 

The trails were opened by Vicky and Murray Muir, the authors of Discovering Wild Temiskaming, a guide book to day trips in the region. The hikes can be accessed from Highway 567 from Cobalt, or by canoe from the Matabitchuan River and Copper Lake. 

    MAP: Beaver Mountain trails

The Beaver Mountain trails are part of a growing network of hiking and backpacking trails opening up in Temagami. Along with the Muir's book, trails are getting a boost from the new Nastawgan Trails group.

Discovering Wild Temiskaming is available online from Highway Book Shop or in Temagami from Temagami Outfitting.

  INDEX: Hiking trails


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