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MARCH 25, 2003

TLA gets new executive staff

Long-time property owner Peter Healy has been appointed as executive secretary of the Temagami Lakes Association (TLA) to replace 24-year staffer Tim Gooderham when he retires at the end of September. 

The executive secretary is the only year-round staff position for the TLA. Healy has been a cottage owner since 1979. He is a retired high school teacher and served nine years on Aurora's municipal council. Many of Healy's photos can be found on

Gooderham traces his family roots on the lake to the arrival of the railroad. He first came in 1936, became a high school teacher in North Bay and later moved to Temagami. He now resides near the Temagami waterfront and intends to spend as much of his summers as possible out of the hustle and bustle on his houseboat Annabelle IV. 

The Temagami Lakes Association represents property owners on Lake Temagami.

Photo: Ling Fling fry on ice on Lake Temagami, 2003

On the ice in the channel between Temagami Island and the mainland, north of Camp Wabikon Some years there have been tug-o'-war pulls. This year it was a "ling fling." The object is to get a frozen ling tossed through the centre of the colourful boards set up.  Photo: Bob Farr

MARCH 23, 2003

Ling fling on Lake Temagami

It rained most of the afternoon at this year's ling fling, but that didn't dampen the spirits of all who attended.

There were plenty of fried potatoes, bacon, baked beans, and of course "cod tails," to go around. In years gone by the fish fry depended exclusively on ling that were caught over the ice-fishing season and donated by the fishermen who thought they were too 

        ugly to clean and eat. Little did they know what they were missing. Of course now they do, and the demand for fish means buying frozen "cod tails" to serve the guests. A donation to the Temagami Area Fish Involvement Programme is all the organizers demand.

Bob Farr

MARCH 19, 2003

Revision of logging proposal goes public

Next week MNR will hold open houses on the newest revision of the logging proposals for 2004 to 2009. The interim plan has been refined from that shown in October. This version has fewer areas for consideration, more detail on the remaining areas and more roads. Sensitive areas (areas of concern) and reserves will also be shown. 

Open houses will be in Latchford on Monday and in Temagami on Tuesday. A special presentation will be made to the Bear Island community on Wednesday.

The public can make comments on the plan at any time. 

  CALENDAR: Open houses

For more information or to make comments:

Greg Gillespie

Ministry of Natural Resources

3301 Trout Lake Rd.

North Bay, ON  P1A 4L7

Voice: 705-475-5516

Fax: 705-475-5500

MARCH 16, 2003

Giant tree farm planned, warn youth camps

Temagami's youth camps objected to the increased logging proposed for Temagami. 

The proposed new logging "would change the area from a recreational forest that supports limited logging into a giant tree farm that supports limited outdoor recreation," said Bruce Hodgins of the Association of Youth Camps on Temagami Lakes (AYCTL).

The group criticized the massive clear-cuts that will exceed the legal limit, the road to encircle Anima Nipissing Lake, logging in the Muskego Wildlands and the Spirit Forest, and the potential connection of the Red Squirrel Road and the Liskeard Lumber Road through the wilderness park.

  MAP: Muskego Wildands and Spirit Forest

Youth camping is Temagami's second oldest industry (after fur trapping), which began in the area in 1902 with the arrival of Camp Keewaydin.

  BACKGROUNDProposed logging

MNR is holding open houses on the plan in Latchford and Temagami on March 24 and 25, respectively.

For more information or to make comments:

Greg Gillespie

Ministry of Natural Resources

3301 Trout Lake Rd.

North Bay, ON  P1A 4L7

Voice: 705-475-5516

Fax: 705-475-5500 

MARCH 15, 2003

Book retells canoeing tragedy on Lake Timiskaming

The drowning of 12 young students and a teacher 24 years ago on Lake Timiskaming was one of the worst canoeing tragedies in Canadian history. This is a touching and sobering story told by James Raffan. Included with the review are photos taken in the aftermath. 


MARCH 13, 2003

New logging plan preparation for western Temagami for 2005-2010

The preparation of the next logging plan for the Sudbury Forest area of Temagami is underway. The plan covers Chiniguchi, and the area between the Sturgeon and Obabika rivers (see background link for map).

Temagami logging planning is divided among four administrative units and three MNR district offices, making public involvement complex, confusing and unfriendly.

For further information:

John Vining

Ministry of Natural Resources

3767 Highway 69 South, Ste 5

Sudbury, ON P3G 1E7


  BACKGROUND: Forest management units of Temagami

MARCH 12, 2003

View from space - March 9

   SATELLITE PHOTO:  Temagami and the Great Lakes

MARCH 8, 2003

Crown land sale in Skyline Reserve turned down

The proposed sale of Crown land in the Skyline Reserve on Lake Temagami for the expansion of a marina has been turned down by the MNR. 

MNR said it decided against the sale over public concern, lack of information on environment impact, negative effect on shoreline aesthetics, and increased boat traffic through "suicide narrows." Suicide narrows are at the entrance to Inlet Bay where Temagami Marine is located.  

In a letter to the public MNR said, "it appears that the actual need for the subject land may have been overestimated and that other options exist."

Temagami Marine is Temagami's largest employer. The sale of land in the Skyline Reserve would have been precedent-setting. The Skyline Reserve has been proposed as a provincial park.

  RELATED STORY:  Sale of Skyline proposed

MARCH 3, 2003

Bob Lake court case postponed

The legal challenge against the proposed logging road through the Bob Lake Conservation Reserve has been re-scheduled to April 11 before the Ontario Divisional Court. The suit has been brought by an environment group to stop a road through the protected area west of Sharp Rock Inlet near Lake Temagami that would allow logging of old-growth spruce and jack pine near a Nishnabai sacred site.  

  BACKGROUND: Legal challenge to logging road in reserve

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