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Orchid photo: Showy lady's slipper

                                                  DOUG ADAMS

Showy lady's slipper

AUGUST 11, 2007

Orchid man sets record for discoveries

Temagami's resident orchid hunter has identified 17 local species and estimates he has at least two or three more elusive plants to locate.

Doug Adams' list now exceeds the 11 in MNR's 1990 life-science assessment and the 15 in Forest Plants of Northeastern Ontario.

He photographs each and adds it to the list he keeps on his website.

A number are rare in the region: rose pogonia, lesser rattlesnake-plantain, grass-pink, round-leaved, blunt-leaved rein, heart-leaved twayblade. Some only flower for short bursts, like the grass pink for a couple of weeks in early June.

He is operator of Northland Paradise Lodge on Snake Island Lake (part of the Rabbit-Cassels lakes system), trapper, fishing guide, and old-growth tour guide in the White Bear Forest Conservation Reserve.

Adams' hopes to dispel the northern myth that "orchids are only found in the jungle."

 EXTERNAL LINK:  Adams' orchid compendium


AUGUST 9, 2007

Parks-and-rec plan approved

The parks-and-rec plan for Temagami has been approved by MNR, but a final public inspection period will stall its implementation until after September 28.

The ministry received 948 comments from the public early in the year and some changes were made to the draft document of the Temagami Integrated Plan (TIP) to reflect concerns.

Access controls, ATV and mechanized use, and the Liskeard Lumber Road in the wilderness park were major issues.

MNR plans to expand portage, campsite and hiking trail maintenance to the entire district, but does not make clear how this will happen.

The plan can be viewed at

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AUGUST 5, 2007

Fire risk rises

The fire risk has risen steadily in the last few weeks due to a decline in rainfall and a rise in temperature.

Since July 19 there has only been 6 mm of rain and the temperature has topped 34 C. This is a reversal of the earlier wet-and-moderate summer.

As of today, MNR reports that the North Bay-Sudbury area has 16 forest fires. Most are blamed on lightning.

AUGUST 1, 2007

Logging to leave thin band of Lady Evelyn Lake shoreline

Clear-cuts planned for this fall in the shadow of Maple Mountain will leave a thin band of forest just 30 metres wide along portions of the north shore of Lady Evelyn and nearby lakes.

That's about five canoe lengths. This will be happening on a thumb of land that has been political football for over a decade.

The area between the Montreal and Makobe rivers and Lady Evelyn Lake was part of MNR's Temagami district until 1992. Then it was turned into the Elk Lake Community Forest by Premier Bob Rae's government as a pilot project. However, it financially collapsed in 1998 and instead of being returned to Temagami's administration, it was shifted to the Kirkland Lake office and became part of the Timiskaming Forest Alliance's Sustainable Forestry License (SFL).

For the Alliance, clear-cutting is the predominant logging practice. Alliance shareholders Liskeard Lumber and Domtar of Elk Lake will do the cutting, primarily for white pine and spruce. It is designated as blocks 120, 121 and 123.

Domtar is one of Canada's largest forest-products companies with 2006 revenue topping $3.9 billion.

The Klock Township Road from Mowat's Landing will be extended west to provide access. Road building and logging activities off the Klock, an industry-use-only road, are restricted to a period between from October 1 to March 31.

This cut dramatically will increase the size of the area's largest clear-cut, known as the Klock Road clear-cut, making it visible from Maple Mountain.

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