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JUNE 18, 2007

Old growth gathering at Wolf Lake

Friends of Chiniguchi is leading a gathering July 13 to 15 to the old-growth red pine on Wolf Lake to raise awareness of the threat to the ancient forest.

MNR is considering removing the forest from protection to facilitate mining.

Participants must bring their own canoes and gear for the weekend and will leave from the Matagamasi Lake public landing. Mike McIntosh and Erhard Kraus will lead the trip.

Contact Mike McIntosh.

BACKGROUND:  Wolf Lake's old-growth red pine

  EXTERNAL LINK:  Friends of Chiniguchi 

JUNE 16, 2007

Hap wins Bill Mason Award

Hap Wilson, one of Canada's best-known canoeists, received a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to canoeing heritage and for his passionate river protection in Canada.

The 30-year guide, artist, and former Temagami outfitter is best-known for his six canoeing guide-books.

Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba presented it on behalf of the Canadian Heritage River System at the Fifth Canadian River Heritage Conference in Winnipeg on June 12.

Past winners of the award, given every three years and named after another famous canoeist, include Pierre Trudeau and Bill Reid. 

      BACKGROUND:  Hap Wilson

        EXTERNAL LINK:  Canadian Heritage Rivers System 


Photo: planned logging seen from summit of Maple Mountain, 2007

Satellite image: planned extension of largest Temagami clearcut, 2007

This satellite photo (top-left corner is cloud-covered) was taken in the fall after a snowfall, so the existing clearcut off the Klock Township Road is white. This is the largest clearcut in Temagami and will be extended west as part of this new logging.



JUNE 10, 2007

Logged forest will be seen from Maple Mountain

Logged forest will mar the pristine view from the summit of legendary Maple Mountain, inside Temagami's wilderness park. 

Logging is expected to start after October 1 between Lady Evelyn, Lady Sydney and Anvil lakes, along some of the region's busiest canoe routes. A large portion of the area will be clear-cut.

The popular climb to one of the highest points in Ontario, lies inside the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Wilderness Park and is climbed by canoeists and tourists on most summer days.

The cut belongs to Timiskaming Forest Alliance, and will be logged by Alliance shareholders Liskeard Lumber and Domtar of Elk Lake, primarily for white pine and spruce. It has been designated as blocks 120, 121 and 123.

Domtar is one of Canada's largest forest-products companies with 2006 revenue topping $3.9 billion.

The Klock Township Road from Mowat's Landing will be extended west to provide access. Road building and logging activities off the Klock, an industry-use-only road, are restricted to a period between from October


1 to March 31.

A viewscape is planned to prevent the cutovers from being visible from the water level of Lady Evelyn and Lady Sydney lakes. There is no viewscape for Maple Mountain.

Maple Mountain is a sacred site to the Temagami First Nation. and was subject of a major battle over its development as a resort complex in the early 1970s.

JUNE 4, 2007                                                                         

Kellys' crossover, from bad land to promised land

On a traditional canoe route between lakes Temagami and Wanapitei, the 3.5-kilometre Kellys' Portage was abhorred by all but extreme paddlers and the canoe-trip camps.

The parallel Kelly Lakes route was a muskeg journey also avoided. Exploration last summer and this spring has shown the abandoned route has changed, due to flooding, into an easy path, opening new possibilities for travel into the under-used Maskinonge Lake area.

    CANOE ROUTE: Kellys' crossover

JUNE 3, 2007                                                                         

Endangered canoe routes of 2007

Friends of Temagami released this year's Most Endangered Canoe Routes, all seven are threatened by logging scheduled between now and March 31, 2008.

  Barter to Isbister Lake via Dead Tree Lake

  Anima Nipissing to Bay Lake via Gilchrist Creek

  Sturgeon River to Little Laundrie Lake

  Kukagami to Bad to Matagamasi lakes

  Lady Evelyn to Lady Sydney Lake

  Headwaters of the Lady Evelyn River

  Makobe River/Canyon Lake

Last year's list contained only two routes. Nastawgan Networks and other local groups worked with Goulard Lumber and MNR to reduce the size of the logged area and create buffer zones between the portages and clearcuts.

  FULL LIST AND MAPS:  Friends of Temagami

  BACKGROUND: Endangered Canoe Routes 2006

                         Endangered portages protected  

JUNE 3, 2007                                                                         

Groups begin pooling resources

Three conservation groups begin pooling resources: Friends of Temagami, Nastwagan Network and Friends of Chiniguchi. Ottertooth previously reported intent to merge, but the ultimate shape remains unclear.

Friends of Temagami is focussed on Temagami and Network on province-wide canoe-route issues.

Friends of Temagami and Nastawgan Network have launched new websites.

  BACKGROUND: Conservation groups mull merger

WEBSITES:   Friends of Temagami

                     Friends of Chiniguchi

                     Nastawgan Network 

 Photo: Hap Wilson with children at Bridal Veil Falls, Lady Evelyn River, Temagami, 2007

JUNE 1, 2007                                                                         

Hap Wilson surrounded by rendezvous guests at Bridal Veil Falls, Lady Evelyn River. About 20 guests attended the spring rendezvous at Hap's Cabin Falls lodge over the Victoria Day weekend.


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