December 2012

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DECEMBER 26, 2012
Freeze-up today

With the continuing deep freeze our benchmark lake for freeze-up, Temagami, is frozen.

Yesterday only Ferguson Bay on the lake remained open. Today, we see no open water on the satellite image and call today as freeze-up.

Lakes Wanapitei and Timiskaming remain open as they normally ice over later. Smoothwater's condition is not detectable.

  BACKGROUND:   Recent freeze-up dates

   SATELLITE IMAGES:  December 26 

DECEMBER 25, 2012
Freeze-up close

With a steady decline in temperature and a drop off in wind, freeze-up took a leap forward on the big lakes. Lakes Timiskaming, Wanapitei and Temagami, the regular laggards, are open, but they are joined by an unusual companion: northern Smoothwater.

   SATELLITE IMAGES:  December 25 

DECEMBER 24, 2012
Freeze-up slows

Freeze-up on the big lakes has actually reversed somewhat over the last ten days or so, slowing everything down.

   SATELLITE IMAGES:  December 22-23 

DECEMBER 13, 2012
Freeze-up progresses

Stealing peaks between a parade of clouds, we can see progess.

   SATELLITE IMAGES:  December 11-12 

DECEMBER 9, 2012
Parting of the clouds show minor freeze-up progress

A brief parting of the clouds reveals minor progress, most obvious on Lake Nipissing.

   SATELLITE IMAGE:  December 9 


DECEMBER 7, 2012
Freeze-up on its way

The small lakes are frozen, leaving the usual big-water laggards: Temagami, Obabika, Timiskaming, Wanapitei, Nipissing, Lady Evelyn lower basin, Smoothwater and Anima Nipissing.

Cloud cover has blocked all satellite imagery for over a week.

Bill Fox has posted on his blog ice-side photos from Gowganda in the northern end of the Temagami region.

   SATELLITE IMAGE:  November 30 

   WATER-VIIEW IMAGES:  Bill Fox blog from Gowganda 


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