Hap Wilson's Temagami Canoe Routes

Florence Lake-Yorston River Loop

The Forks - Lady Evelyn River - Macpherson Lake 

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Lady Evelyn River: Just downstream from the junction of the North and South Lady Evelyn Rivers is a large, flat campsite on the north bank. This campsite can accommodate 8-10 tents. Blueberries are excellent here in July but the sand flies can be somewhat bothersome. The rapids nearby offer good fastwater practice.

Proceed downriver about 3/4 of a mile to the first rapids, (3 sections) all of which can be run in early spring. Watch the rocks near the bottom of the first set or track when low. The second set can be run all season, and the third can be run if you track down a short, rocky drop. The (320 yard) portage on the south side is very good. The next section of the river is marshy for about one mile until it narrows into a small falls. DO NOT RUN. Here you have three options:

Option 1 -

There is a portage on the north side of the falls (440 yards) which bypasses the large bend in the river and some rapids. The trail is fairly rocky and rough until it meets the other portage where it is well used.

Option 2 - 

There is a portage on the south side of the falls where you can carry over for (35 yards). There is also a small campsite located here. You can then paddled directly across the river below the falls, to a portage that joins onto the first trail (option 1). This well-used and rocky trail is (280 yards) long. Where the two trails meet, there is a rough campsite.

Option 3 -

(High water only.) Take the (35 yard) portage and proceed downriver. First keep left of the small island run a small, shallow rapids for about (15 yards). Rounding the bend to the left is a section of fast current, then another rapids around the next bend. Keep left most of the way down, then turn right sharply to avoid the rocks at the bottom. Last run is (100 yards) long.

This brings you out into a small marshy lake where you keep to the southeast end. DO NOT RUN the next rapids. Portage (55 yards) over the rocks and boulders on the right side (over an old river bed). Paddle across the pool to the next portage and DO NOT RUN the next rapids. Take the trail at the campsite location (130 yards) over a fairly easy path. Proceed across the next pond.

The next rapids (two sections) are very rocky but can be run in early season. For the first set, keep left moving to center and remain there for the second set. Use the portage (130 yards) located on the south side during the summer. Caution on the last turn.

Cross the next small pond and DO NOT RUN the next section of fast water where there is a small falls. Take the portage (155 yards) on the right bank that will bring you out to another large pond. Paddle east on the pond. The cliffs here are very spectacular. DO NOT PROCEED DOWNRIVER, but take the portage directly across from the campsite. This portage (185 yards) brings you out at Macpherson Lake below a small falls. There is an excellent campsite above the rocks over the portage, which can be easily bypassed if you don't look for it. The site is one of the better along the river, with a very pretty setting. The bluff opposite the campsite affords an excellent north view.

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