Hap Wilson's Temagami Canoe Routes

Florence Lake-Yorston River Loop



(some portages are very strenuous)

This route may be taken in either direction. Canoeists traveling up the Lady Evelyn to Florence and Bluesucker Lakes have the option either to canoe on route No. 2 down the Yorston River, or if low water conditions prevail, take alternative route No. 22 instead. This description takes the route the other, more preferable way, taking advantage of downstream paddling. Since the Yorston River becomes extremely shallow in the summer, it is recommended for spring travel only.  This challenging route offers speckled trout fishing, some whitewater running, and strenuous portaging over rugged terrain.


Lake Temagami - Obabika Lake - Wawiagama Lake and River - Obabika River - up Sturgeon River - up Yorston River - Linger Lake - Seagram Lake - Bluesucker Lake - Florence Lake - South Lady Evelyn River - Macpherson Lake - Lady Evelyn River (South Channel) - "2 miler" Portage to Diamond Lake - Diamond Lake - Lake Temagami via Obabika or Sharp Rock




124.7 miles (199.5 km.)

12 - 14 days

39 (9 miles)



Pilgrim Ck. 41 P/2

Obadiah L. 41 P/1

Lady Evelyn L. 41 P/8

L. Temagami 41 I/16

Smoothwater L. 41 P/7

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1992 Fire at Macpherson Lake

Notes/Map Index

Obabika Lake - Obabika River

Sturgeon River - Yorston River

Linger  - Seagram Lakes

Florence Lake


Macpherson Lake

South Channel Lady Evelyn River

Diamond Lake

Note: Portage lengths in yards

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