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Rendezvous with the Wild

The Boreal Forest

Edited by James Raffan

Boston Mills Press, 2004

192pp, $49.95

ISBN: 1-55046-422-1

We continue with all things boreal forest, which means northern forest, in case you didnít really know. But weíre sure you knew that boreal comes from the Greek god of the north wind, Boreas. You might have heard about a well publicized series of trip in the summer of 2003. Attracting media darlings like Justin Trudeau, David Suzuki and Cathy Jones, the Boreal Rendezvous spanned the country on ten different northern rivers: Nahanni, Moisie, Churchill, Athabasca, Berens, Wind, Bonnet Plume, Snake, Coal and Dease.

And who better to wrap all this up with the multimedia, multitasking Prof. Canot Ė James Raffan and his woodburning Macintosh computer? Raffan notes the original idea was to publish a short series of essays much the way the book Wilderness Canada did a generation (!) ago Ė it was a series of essays with some photos on nature published by The Quetico Foundation. But public tastes seemed to have changed and people want shorter, prettier packages of info which this book certainly is. Many lovely photos, drawings, paintings and, of course, writing from a breadth of sources. The HACC was honoured to be asked to contribute two excerpts from our first online trip on the George River. It is interesting to note that some of the famous typesí contributions are taken from their talks during the events.





This is a beautiful book to behold and it carries an important message. As canoeists, we share the love of the north woods, for natives itís been a home for millennia, but for those who impact on it the most, itís a place they never go, a place they send others to extract the very raw elements that make it a unique and threatened habitat.


Fall 2004/Winter 2005        Outfit 118 & 119 

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