So Long, Angel of Hudson Bay. The Watts (Maud in skirt, partially hidden) and Bob Sopher (assistant factor) seeing off the section at Rupert's House. This was the last Keewaydin section to see the Watts before Jim's death. Mast of schooner is in center background.




Photo: Dan Carpenter Sr.

Angel of Hudson Bay

Though it seems like yesterday, 61 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable family: James Watt, the Scottish-born factor at Rupert's House, Maud, his wife, and their children, Bob and Jackie. James and Maud were famous across the North for their battle to save the beaver in northern Quebec, for their devotion and sacrifice for the Cree, and their strength of character and kindness. We were recipients of that kindness. In addition to putting us up in a comfortable cottage, we were given a splendid meal and James arranged the schooner that took us to Moose Factory.

        Dan Carpenter Sr., 3/1/00

Rod Cox on Lake Mistassini. There is no K on this grey Chestnut Prospector as it was picked up a T Station, straight from the factory.

Photo: Dan Carpenter Sr.


Fresh Milk!!!!!!!

After shooting the last rapid, we were approaching the landing at the post. On a slight rise from the water, we could see several cows grazing. Now that was quite a sight. Anybody who took a long trip would surely think, 'Wow! Fresh milk at last!' At least that was in my mind as we put the canoes up, took our gear to the cottage porch, washed up and waited for the supper to which we had been invited by the Watts.

Milk. Even while reading the ever-welcome mail forwarded to us there, milk was uppermost in my mind.

So to the dining room, at last. There was fresh bread, potatoes and gravy, lettuce from the Watts' garden, pork roast and pie. And two pitchers of fresh-looking milk. As fast as possible, my glass (no pannikins here) was filled and I took those first gulps. Alas, what a setback for I had taken quick mouthfuls of KLIM!

I never got over that KLIM dehydrated milk.  How often I would think of that when we enjoyed fresh milk at base camp on Temagami in later summers.

        Dan Carpenter Sr., 3/1/00


We carried most of our food from Temagami. We never planned our meals advance, just took volume in basic staples. If we needed something we picked it up at the posts.

        Dan Carpenter Sr., 2/13/00

                                                                        Photo: Dan Carpenter Sr.

Lake Mistassini. 

"At Mistassini Post we traded a pink PJ shirt (mine), some sugar and jam for a large hunk of venison. We had our midseason banquet that night."

     Dan Carpenter Sr., 3/1/00

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