Photo: Bill Seeley

Ultimate Fireplace at White Seal Rapids, the last rapids on the Severn, a half a day above the village. 

We were ahead of schedule so we made it a section project. The fly was pitched against the sun more than anything and the wind presented a major engineering puzzle (thus the tall chimney fireplace). My favorite feature is the dutch oven for the potatoes. Unfortunately there is too much silt in the river for us to have tried it on trout!

The kitchen is very close to the river. The rapids is a broad, shallow

limestone cascade at least a half-mile across. I am sure that the fireplace

went out with the ice the following spring.

The campsite used to be up on the bluff, well above the spring freshet. But

the 1994 fire had destroyed it. It was now a tangle of downed spruce poles and uneven, burned sphagnum. 

(Back 1983, we reached this spot late in the evening only to find Wabun camped on the bluff. So we camped down by the river at

the end of the mile portage, on the flat limestone shelves that make up the

bank of the river here and had a potlatch visit over cocoa and a lightning

storm on the Bay.)

            Bill Seeley, 4/26/00

A powerful storm that missed the section as it set up camp at White Seal Rapids



Photo: Rob Pike


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