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                                                                                                       Photo: Bill Seeley

In Desperate Need of a Maytag at Season's End. Left to right, back row: Greg Neustaetter (hidden), Brian Robson, Tyson Schoelzel, Steve Kittredge, Dave Keith, Steve Springgate (staffman). Front row: Bill Seeley (guide), Tom Maginnis, Brett Bolkom, Dan Freed, Rob Pike, George de Brigard.  


More fires in 1995 destroyed most of the campsites on Tyrell's Terrible Portage route causing us to use the Nemeigusabins Route in 1996. I am sure the route is fine now. It seems to burn all the time.  Another reason we didn't go back is that we were looking for new routes to titilate our tired fancy. 

We used Bill Carpenter/Ted Forbes route into Big Trout Lake from the east this year.  Steve and I enjoyed the trip down memory lane from Weagamow to the Pipestone, but the campsite at Bill Carpenter's Black Rapids was destroyed by Windigos, which knocked down all of the majestic red pines. 

It was here in 1989 that, as I was just starting to tell a tale about the elder Carpy [Bill], that he came bursting across the portage en route to Kingfisher Lake to get help for Little Willy Reimers who had put an axe into his foot.  Quite a surprise for all of us since they were supposed to be days ahead of us en route to Winisk.  

Also, weather delayed the "bacon plane" at Weagamow Lake in 1996, so we waited an extra day rather than travel without our "fresh meat."

                         Bill Seeley, 9/16/99

The SWARM effect of blackflies doesn't bother me as much as the SMOTHER effect of mosquitoes.

                        Bill Seeley, 7/1/01


        Bill Seeley        Dan Freed

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