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APRIL 29, 2011

Breakup Watch: ice pulls from shore


APRIL 27, 2011

Breakup Watch: ice pulls from shore


APRIL 24, 2011

Breakup Watch: temperature spike speeds ice melt


APRIL 21, 2011

Breakup Watch: Satellite view April 21


APRIL 16, 2011

Photo: ON derailment

  PHOTO:   Derailment north of North Bay

APRIL 15, 2011

Breakup Watch: Satellite view April 15



Photo: snow fleas are sign of spring

OBABIKA LAKE, APRIL 14, 2011 Not ashes, snow fleas. Thousands of them on the snow. These harmless, tiny plant-eaters become active as the days turn warm and they find their way to the surface of the snow.

Although they are present year-round, the contrast with the snow makes them visible. An anti-freeze-like protein allows them to survive winter. They travel by jumping, hence the more common name springtail.

Alex Mathias, a resident of Obabika Lake, reports two feet of ice on the lake yesterday. Around the shoreline the ice is weakening.

Great blue herons, ducks, Canada geese, bald eagles and robins have arrived.


APRIL 13, 2011

Temperature jumps, break-up watch begins

  SATELLITE IMAGES:   April 7 & 13


Photo: using ice saw to cut lake ice

LAKE TEMAGAMI, APRIL 9, 2011 Bringing in the ice for the Ojibway Lodge icehouse. Jason Pigeau of Keewaydin is using a traditional ice saw to cut lake ice. The icehouse, a 100-year tradition at Devil's Island, is in the background.                                                                                             PHOTO: LOUISE PIGEAU

APRIL 1, 2011

National Archives preserves Ottertooth

The National Archives is preserving Ottertooth but not as an April Fool's stunt.

According to librarian Patricia Klambauer, it is considered "a rich resource and an excellent example of a quintessential Canadian topic that we would want to preserve for posterity."


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