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DECEMBER 6, 2020

Freeze-up: December 19 

Dec 18-19, sat view: Lake Temagami closing

Dec 18, lake-side view: Lake Temagami

Dec 16, lake-side view: Temagami Island

Dec 15, sat view: down to the laggards

Dec 7, sat view

Dec 6, lake-side view: first look

JUNE 21, 2020

Photo: pine pollen tide

Aerial shot on Lake Temagami


APRIL 20, 2020

Break-up Watch: May 18 ice-out!

May 20, sat view: post-break-up

May 18, lake-side view: tentative call on ice-out

May 13, sat view: nearing the end

May 13, lake-side photo of kayaks

May 10, lake-side photo: fading ice

May 7, sat view: Lake Temagami opening

May 5, sat view: small lakes opening

May 1, sat view: lake-ice line touches Temagami

Apr 27, sat view: lake-ice line north of  Nipissing

Apr 22, sat view: Nipissing open, Temagami closed

Apr 20, sat view: Nipissing & Timiskaming start


DECEMBER 16, 2019

Photos: Marten River wolf pack

Aerial shots.


NOVEMBER 16, 2019

Freeze-up 2019: December 19!

Dec 20, sat view: no open water, except Timiskaming

Dec 17-18, water-side views on Lake Temagami

Dec 15, sat view: great view today

Dec 11, sat view: open water in the Hub and Ferguson

Dec 6, flyover: open water in the Hub

Dec 6, sat view: big lakes remain

Dec 2, sat view: deep lakes left

Nov 16, sat view


APRIL 28, 2019

Break-up 2019: ice-out May 18!

May 22, water-side view: new ice

May 21, sat view: region ice free

May 18, last ice floe photo

May 15, aerial and water-side views

May 14, sat view: ice going fast

May 8, sat view: Wanapitei open

May 5, sat view: Nipissing open

May 3, sat view: big lakes water

Apr 30, aerial photos: Lake Temagami

Apr 30, sat view

Apr 28, sat view

MARCH 21, 2019

Winter photos: Lake Temagami

Aerial shots of snow damage, community center, moose.


NOVEMBER 22, 2018

Freeze-up 2018: December 23!

Dec 25, sat view: confirmation

Dec 18, aerial photos: Cattle Island water

Dec 12, aerial photos: last open water

Dec 10, sat view

Dec 7, sat view: big progress

Dec 4, aerial view: Lake Temagami

Dec 4, sat view: rare peak under clouds

Nov 22, sat view: ice over all but deep lakes


JUNE 21, 2018

Photos: rivers of pine pollen

Extraordinary photos of the yellow rain

MAY 11, 2018

Photo: canoe by ice

Near Bear Island

MAY 17, 2018

Break-up Watch 2018

May 17, sat view: ice-out today

May 16, aerial view: Lake Temagam's North Arm

May 9, sat view: Lake Temagami ice solid

May 7, aerial views: Lake Temagami

May 7, sat view: little movement

Apr 30, sat view: no lake-water to be seen

JANUARY 9, 2018

Winter Photo: Wolf pack

Near Marten River

NOVEMBER 27, 2017

Freeze-up December 17!

Dec 16, satellite view: one hole to go

Dec 13, satellite view: big picture

Dec 13, lake-side photos

Nov 29, satellite view: small lakes frozen

Nov 27, aerial views: Lake Temagami

APRIL 13, 2017

Breakup watch: ice-out May 1

The last ice went May 1 at Horeshoe Is. - updated

Apr 27, sat view: big change

Apr 27, lake-side view: ice change

Apr 25, sat view: lots of ice

Apr 22, aerial, lake-side and sat views

Apr 18, aerial views: Lake Temagami ice

Apr 18, sat view: big-lake water

Apr 13, sat view: big lakes ripening

DECEMBER 9, 2016

Freeze-up! January 1

Dec 25, sat view: little change

Dec 21, sat view: Lake Temagami open water

Dec 18, sat view: big lakes remain

Dec 9, aerial view: first ice

OCTOBER 16, 2016

Photos: autumn colours

Aerial photos of Lake Temagami, parks, Bear Island, Keewaydin, moose.


Interactive map: Lower Yorston River

26th in the series with enhanced detail for little used canoe route


Parks removes infamous bridge

Lady Evelyn River bridge gone

AUGUST 23, 2016

Changing of the Seasons Gathering

16th annual on September 10-11 on Obabika Lake

APRIL  19, 2016


May 6: ice-out!

May 6 a.m, lake-side view: Not yet

May 5, lake-side view: Lake Temagami ice-free?

May 5, lake-side view: close for Lake Temagami

May 2, aerial view: dramatic shots of Lake Temagami

May 2, lake-side view: big ice loss on Lake Temagami

May 2, sat view: ice line reaches Temagami

Apr 26, lake-side view: Wabikon on Lake Temagami

Apr 30, sat view: big lakes opening

Apr 26, aerial view: ice on Lake Temagami

Apr 23, aerial view: ice in park

Apr 20, sat view: first openings

Apr 19, sat view: southeastern Ontario

MARCH  18, 2016

Winter photos: ice clear of snow

DECEMBER 7, 2015

Freeze-up Watch: Jan. 13 freeze-up!

Jan. 11, sat view: big-lake laggards

Jan. 5, lake-side photos: Southwest Arm

Jan. 6, aerial photos: Lake Temagami

Jan. 6, water-side: ice closes on Wabikon

Jan. 3, sat view: mid lakes almost done

Jan. 1, sat view: Southwest Arm freezing

Dec. 30, water-side view: ice at Wabikon

Dec. 28, sat view: now? Has it started?

Dec. 7, water-side view: where's the ice?


OCTOBER 14, 2015

Fall photo: a box of Crayola

JULY 28, 2015

Changing of Seasons Ceremony: Sept 12

JUNE 12, 2015

Map series launched by FOT

First paddling companion

JUNE 10, 2015


Downed trees on park portages: part 3

Downed trees on park portages: part 2

Downed trees on park portages: part 1

APRIL 19, 2015

Ice-out: May 6

Lake Temagami ice-free

May 3, sat view: heat, wind leaves mark

May 1, sat view: heat kicks up big change

Apr 30, sat view: some benchmarks start

Apr 28, sat view: some openings

Apr 25, aerial photos: Temagami, town, Martin River

Apr 25, sat view: Nipissing opening

Apr 19, sat view: big picture  

NOVEMBER 28, 2014

Freeze-up: December 29!

Freeze-up on Lake Temagami

Dec 29: sat view of Lake Temagami Closed today

Dec 21: sat view of Lake Temagami Not yet

Dec 20: aerials of Lake Temagami

Dec 19: sat view  More of the same

Dec 12: sat view Slow progress

Dec 10: sat view

Dec 7: sat view

Dec 4: sat view

Dec 2: aerials of Lake Temagami

Nov 28: satellite view of small lakes frozen over

NOVEMBER 14, 2014

Winter aerials: Mar. 11 & 20

Maple Mountain, Feb 19

Lake Temagami, Feb 5

Lake Temagami, Jan 2

Moose on frozen pond 

Winter's approach

OCTOBER 6, 2014

Wildlife video from North Arm

Bear, moose and wolf by Harold Keevil

JUNE 13, 2014

Video: wildlife

Temagami's "Discovery channel" presentation

APRIL 19, 2014

Break-up watch: May 14 is ice-out!

May 14: so very close

May 13: water-side view of North Arm ice

May 12: aerial views of North Arm ice

May 11: satellite view shows little ice

May 10: aerial views of candled ice

May 9: water-level view of candled ice

May 6: satellite view as Temagami shows big changes

May 5: satellite view reveals regional change

Apr 28: aerial photos of Lake Temagami's solid ice

Apr 27: Temagami relative to southern Ontario

Apr 26: aerial photo of backcountry

Apr 19: aerial photos of Lake Temagami

Apr 23: satellite of ice and snow line

Apr 21: satellite of ice and snow

Apr 19: satellite of the big picture

MARCH 30, 2014

Spring photos: March 30 - April 9

Looks like winter, still

DECEMBER 21, 2013

Winter photo gallery

January 21: aerials of the park

December 21: aerials of Lake Temagami

NOVEMBER 29, 2013

Freeze-up: December 14

Dec. 14: sat image, freeze-up today

Dec. 13: sat image, one left

Dec. 12: sat image, four left

Dec. 11: sat image, usual holdouts

Dec. 7: sat image

Nov. 28: sat image, small and medium lakes iced over

Nov. 29: Miller's flyover

NOVEMBER 1, 2013

Interactive map: Florence Lake

25th in series

MAY 21, 2013


Art show and sale

Video shortlisted at film festival

Artists focus on Wolf Lake

Irreplacable ecosystem: scientific report

Scientific discoveries

Video: Wolf Lake appeal

APRIL 9, 2013

Break-up watch: ice-out May 8

Lake Temagami's ice sinks without a whimper.

May 7, photos: ice-out today?

May 5, sat image: so close

May 4, sat image: lakes nearly ready to go

May 3, aerial photos: lakes nearing break-up

May 2, sat image: steady progress under heat

Apr 28, sat image: big changes with heat

Apr 28, photos: Red Squirrel and Temagami lakes

Apr 28, photos: Obabika River in flood

Apr 28, photo: Temagami River and Cross Lake dam

Apr 27: small lakes starting

Apr 26: small lakes coming

Apr 21: open rivers  

Apr 17: first signs of open water

Apr 9: Spirit Rock in wintry spring

JANUARY 13, 2013

Photos: ice extremes over 24 hours

DECEMBER 26, 2012

Photos: wolves feeding on moose

DECEMBER 26, 2012

Freeze-up: December 26

Satellite image: Dec 25

Satellite image: Dec 22-23

Satellite image: Dec 11-12

Satellite image: Dec 9

Satellite image: Nov 30

Lakeside photos from Bill Fox: Dec 6

NOVEMBER 15, 2012

Wolf Lake petition tops 20,000 signatures

Sponsor wants 30,000

NOVEMBER 5, 2012

Interactive map: Trethewey area

24th in series. Expanded to include Beauty Lake route.

OCTOBER 4, 2012

Photos: fall colours

Satellite and aerial views

MAY 31, 2012


Ontario renews mining lease

Petition passes 20,000 signatures

Video: Jane Goodall's appeal

Ontario backs off, but no mining ban

Ontario aids outlawed miner

Premier invited to canoe Wolf Lake

Sudbury Star: front page story

Coalition forms as opposition spreads

Toronto Star: Ontario breaks pledge

   Followup Dec 13: Not a done deal

Sudbury calls for protection again

Camps: business will suffer

Ex-mayor Sturgeon Falls: bad surprise

Minister overwhelmed? Target: premier

Old growth threatened at Wolf Lake

Video: Protect Wolf Lake

MAY 31, 2012

FIRE BAN LIFTS: August 3, 6:00 p.m.

21-day fire ban lifts

Map: fire-ban zone bisects Temagami

Fire ban returns

Fire ban lifted

Fire risk extreme; Kirkland Lake evacuation

Fire ban

MAY 27, 2012

Map: access to north side of park

A map of road access to Lady Evelyn wilderness park

MAY 22, 2012

Map: Smoothwater area

23rd in interactive series

MARCH 20, 2012

Photo series: winter treks to Ishpatina

MARCH 18, 2012

Four angles on a region

A map and history primer to educate a mayor


Ice-out today: Apr 11

Ice at Wabun: Apr 9

Lake Temagami action: Apr 7

Lake Temagami action: Apr 6

Aerial photos: Apr 5

Big-lake action: Apr 5

Water-level photos: Apr 4, Apr 5

First open water Lake Temagami: Mar 31

Bald eagles on the ice: Apr 1

Cold snap halts ice-out progress: Mar 29

Photos: sounds of jet fighters from ice: Mar 26

Record set 1946

Satellite image: Mar 26

Aerial photos wilderness park: Mar 22

Aerial photos: Mar 21

Satellite image, line of ice-free lakes: Mar 21

Photos: Mar 21

Satellite image: Mar 19

JANUARY 3, 2012

Photo series: Lake Temagami aerials

Open water and coyote?: Feb 7

Moose kill: Feb 2

Moose yard: Jan 3

Lake Temagami ice: Jan 3, Jan 15

DECEMBER 2, 2011

Trask: remains recoveredd

2014 search finds no clues2014 search finds no clues

Third-year search begins

Families of missing live in limbo

Search resumes

Trask: missing one year

Trask: missing-person flyer July update

Trask: missing-person flyer (May) update

Trask clothing found

Trask's whereabouts a mystery

Search for man missing four weeks

OCTOBER 10, 2011


Freeze-up: December 29

When it came, it came fast.

Satellite image: Dec 28

Satellite image: Dec 23

Lakeside photos: Dec 17

Satellite image: Dec 17

Satellite image: Dec 10

Lakeside aerial photos: Dec 2

OCTOBER 10, 2011

Fall colours

Wilderness glamping pioneered in Temagami.

JUNE 15, 2011

Glamping doubles this summer

Wilderness glamping pioneered in Temagami.

JUNE 8, 2011

OPP's first boat was on Lake Temagami

That boat is now on display at The OPP Museum.

MAY 16, 2011

Video: Loon serenade

 Ice-out welcomed by loons.

APRIL 7, 2011


Break-up: May 9

The ice went out May 9 evening throughout Temagami.

Lakeside: May 9 Flyover of last ice

Satellite image: May 8

Lakeside: May 7

Satellite image: May 7

Lakeside: May 5

Satellite image: May 5

Satellite image: May 4

Lakeside: May 2

Satellite image: Apr 30

Lakeside: Apr 29

Lakeside: Apr 27

Satellite image: Apr 24

Satellite image: Apr 21

Satellite image: Apr 15

Lakeside: Apr 14: Snow fleas

Satellite image: Apr 7, 13

MARCH 14, 2011

Tour de force in hiking and backpacking: Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail

 A trail architect writes about his ten-year-old,134-kilometre child.

MARCH 1, 2011

Map: Revived canoe routes, new hiking trails, new access

A decade brings more adventure to the backcountry

FEBRUARY 12, 2011

Photos: Ling Fling

A fish fry to rule them all

FEBRUARY 8, 2011

Who victimized dogs?

Followup to a puzzling story in the Nugget

JANUARY 22, 2011

Video: Snowplow breaks through ice

TFN's snowplow sinks into Lake Temagami

Plow out of the lake

Plow nears end of journey

Snowplow heads home

Salvage takes tentative steps

Salvage imminent

JANUARY 21, 2011

Twinkle Lake access to Pinetorch-Ames-Yorston

Map to new road access in backcountry

JANUARY 20, 2011

Logging threatens parks and canoe routes

MNR and industry ignore concerns

DECEMBER 27, 2010

Photos: wolf pack

Wolves on Red Cedar Lake

DECEMBER 25, 2010

Self-government: TFN tries to repatriate membership control

Stepping closer to a treaty settlement

DECEMBER 9, 2010

Freeze-up, melt, freeze: ice travel resumes

Roller coaster weather keeps changing conditions.

Open water down to three areas: Jan. 5

Freeze-up, melt, freeze - ice travel resumes: Jan 3

Travel tentative: Dec. 29

Sat image: Dec. 27

Lake view: Dec. 23

Sat image: Dec. 20

Freeze-up: Dec. 18

Sat image: Dec. 11

Lake view: Dec. 9 - ice at the landing

Sat image: Dec. 9

NOVEMBER 28, 2010

An early islander on Lake Temagami

James N. Wychgel bonded with the lake and John Turner Sr.

OCTOBER 26, 2010

Hodgson elected mayor

Election results.

OCTOBER 16, 2010

Road access re-opened and illegal access barred into wilderness park

Closed for over a decade, Parks re-asserts control over and begins rehabilitation of old logging road.

Gamble Lake access map

OCTOBER 4, 2010

Photos: Fall colours

Photo gallery by Harold Keevil

Satellite image of the peak

SEPTEMBER 23, 2010

Wakimika River bald eagle

This eagle has made Temagami its home

AUGUST 25, 2010

Ishpatina fire tower crumbles

A heritage site in trouble

AUGUST 13, 2010

Shortcut between Hamlow Lake and Sturgeon River

Want to avoid one of the longest portages in Temagami?

AUGUST 11, 2010

Upper Sturgeon area map project

Series of 8 interactive maps covering the upper Sturgeon River: Ishpatina, Solace lakes, Upper Yorston area, Regan-Solace lakes and Stewart crossover to Wanapitei River.

Upper Yorston


Ishpatina trilogy: trek to the summit and canoe routes

Stewart crossover: Sturgeon-Wanapitei river route

Shortcut between Hamlow Lake and Sturgeon River

JUNE 7, 2010

Fire ban lifted

MNR drops fire hazard to moderate.

JUNE 2, 2010

70 years in the cold

First, it was robbed of its title for decades, then the wrong peak got the crown: Ishpatina gets its due.

JUNE 4, 2010

Fire ban partially lifted

MNR maintains open-fire ban in most of Temagami.

MAY 20, 2010

Fires banned across northeast

MNR restricts open fires.

MAY 10, 2010

Highpointers head for Ishpatina

No, it's not some kind of needlework. Its a new sport. You wont see it at the Olympics, but you will in Temagami.

APRIL 1, 2010


Apr 15: Ice-out!

Apr 14: Lingering ice on three lakes

Apr 13: North Arm photos

Apr 12: Big ice sheets linger

Apr 11: Photos

Last, yet unusual, ice

Apr 6: Open water to Bear Island

Apr 4: Progress clearly visible

Apr 1: Nipissing and Northeast Arm ripening

Mar 30: smaller lakes to south opening

Mar.24: Open water to south moves closer

Mar 18: Two trucks through, ice road closed

Mar 19: Truck recovered

Mar 15: Is break-up close?

Highs break records

This winter continues to be an oddity.

FEBRUARY 11, 2010

Obabika Lake photos

February winter, day and night, by Harold Keevil

JANUARY 18, 2010

Maps: climbing Ishpatina

Three interactive maps reveal the quickest route by bike, foot and canoe to the rooftop of Ontario.

Portelance & Gervais roads report

JANUARY 5, 2010

MNR rejects Sturgeon River logging bridge

Sturgeon's one of last wild rivers in central Ontario

JANUARY 5, 2010

New TFN chiefs take office

18 months of political instability ends

DECEMBER 11, 2009


Jan 21: Ice travel treacherous

Jan 20: Satellite view of freeze-up

Jan 18: Freeze-up? Yes. Travel safe? No.

Jan 12: Aircraft views of last open water

Jan 12, satellite: Almost

Jan 6:  Aircraft views

Jan 10, sat image: Wind eases and freeze-up advances on Lake Temagami

Jan 9, sat image: Flaky ice a danger

Jan 7, sat image: Double lake view

Rare event turns LakeTemagami ice dangerous

Jan 4, sat image: Does this look familiar?

Jan 2, sat image: 2010 starts without freeze-up

Dec 27, sat image: Lake Temagami still open

Dec 23, sat image: Down to the deep three

Dec 21, sat image: Only deepest waters open

Dec 17, lake view: Ice to the landing

Dec 17, sat image: Progress today

Dec 15, sat image: Most water to north frozen

Dec 11, sat image: Freeze-up on small- and mid-sized lakes

Satellite images of progess.

DECEMBER 9, 2009

Book review: Ontario's Old-Growth Forests

A must-have for the Temagami bookshelf

DECEMBER 7, 2009


Ayotte affirmed chief as elders dismiss election appeals

Bear Island under shadow over unresolved election

18 months on a political roller coaster ends

NOVEMBER 12, 2009

Review: Hap's new book

Step into Hap's confessional for laughs and lament.

NOVEMBER 1, 2009

Backdoor to Kettle Falls

Canoe route a shortcut to heart of Sturgeon River.

OCTOBER 22, 2009

Forest giant coming to Temagami?

Grant Forest may be target of Georgia-Pacific

OCTOBER 18, 2009

Fall colours

Post-peak colours from satellite

JUNE 26, 2009

Municipal support for Tenets tested

A close vote by Council reveals weakened commitment

JUNE 15, 2009

Aggressive bear at Fourbass Lake

Bear charges man and dog on trail

JUNE 14, 2009


Makobe River cleared, Ontario Parks

Dangerous deadfall remove

JUNE 7, 2009


Makobe River obstructed, Ontario Parks

Watch out for dangerous deadfall

JUNE 1, 2009

Fall Gathering will mark Red Squirrel blockade

Gathering of the Seasons set for Sept. 18 on Obabika Lake

MAY 21, 2009

Land claim negotiations languish

Where did they go?

MAY 14, 2009

Chiniguchi map project complete

Chiniguchi's canoe routes fully mapped with addition of northern tracks

Map: Chiniguchi's northern tracks

Map: Chiniguchi's southern tracks

Map: Chiniguchi's middle tracks

Lost route re-opens: Marjorie Lake

MAY 6, 2009

Loggers want another Sturgeon Park crossing

A third crossing is proposed near Twin Falls.

APRIL 10, 2009


Break-up: May 6!

Photo gallery: 30 minutes of break-up

May 4, sat image: Break-up nears

May 3: Northern Temagami region ice-heavy

May 2, lake view: Ogama Island notes: little change

May 1, lake photos: Ice widespread

Apr. 29: Docks taken out by ice

Apr. 28, lake photos: Ogama Island notes

Apr. 27, sat image: 23 degrees!

Apr 24, sat image: Heat

Apr. 23, sat image: Black ice

Apr. 19: Satellite image: temperature rise has impact

Apr. 16: Break-up rolls north

Apr. 10: First signs


MARCH 23, 2009

Will park fees rise? You betcha

And the burden is not spread equally. Who gets a free pass?


MARCH 15, 2009

TFN chief and council stripped of authority

Tribal assembly takes action.

First Nation chief and council impeached

MARCH 6, 2009

Retro in photos of greens' blockade

Photos of the environmentalists' blockade of the Red Squirrel logging road in 1989

FEBRUARY 12, 2009

Red Squirrel Blockade look-back

Photos of the TAA's 1989 logging road and aboriginal- rights protest

FEBRUARY 7, 2009

Three Elections, Two Chiefs, One Quagmire

Since Bear Island's June 12 election, a battle has been fought over its legitimacy.

Court date set

Indian Affairs' contradicts policy

First Nation chief and council impeached

TFN chief and council stripped of authority

First Nation votes to oust Chief Potts

Potts council beleaguered

Court hearing on Potts' impeachment

Mediation falls flat

Respect their dignity

Last chance at mediation

First nation mediation commiseration

Court orders new election at First Nation

Court sets rules for new election of chiefs

TFN election day July 30

Ayotte elected chief of TFN

Potts out, Ayotte in

FEBRUARY 1, 2009

Winter's Face

Photos from Lake Temagami

DECEMBER 14, 2008

A hoary Ishpatina

Three wintry photos of Ontario's highest point: the mountain and the tower.

DECEMBER 8, 2008

Otters on the ice

Photos of two wild anglers

NOVEMBER 24, 2008


Lake Temagami freezes.

Dec 20, satellite: post-freeze-up

Dec 16, satellite: rain and warmth stall freeze-up

Dec 10 evening: Ice travel dicey

Dec 10, satellite: Just the deepest left

Dec 10: Hub of Lake Temagami freezes

Dec 8, satellite: Big lakes accelerate

Dec 8: Otters on the ice

Dec 7, satellite: Freeze-up continues

Dec 6: Lake Temagami freezing

Dec 2, satellite: Freeze-up spreads

Nov 24: Small lakes freeze

NOVEMBER 4, 2008

Turmoil on Bear Island

Three elections and two chiefs.

Protest on YouTube

NOVEMBER 3, 2008

Lost route re-opens: Marjorie Lake

The resurrection of nastawgan continues with the re-opening of a lost route off Wolf Lake in Chiniguchi.

OCTOBER 27, 2008

An island of snow

Snowy caprice on Temagami.

OCTOBER 3, 2008

Canoeists go over Obabika Falls

They missed the portage and kept paddling.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2008

Fall colours

A photo from space

SEPTEMBER 17, 2008

Changing of the Seasons ceremonies

Photos from the event September 12 to 14

JULY 10, 2008

Sturgeon River surges

Water is up everywhere, but little can top the Sturgeon.

JUNE 13, 2008

Gary's back

Gary Potts, the once formidable chief of the Temagami First Nation, is re-elected after a 16-year absence.

MAY 25, 2008

Most endangered wilderness 2008

2008's top endangered wilderness

MAY 8, 2008

Backcountry maintenance expands

More rangers over more area.

APRIL 15, 2008



April 26: Ice-out imminent

April 24: small lakes open

April 22: Ice travel ends for the sane

April 21: Sillies come out

April 16, satellite: Big heat, big melt

April 14, satellite: first signs of ice-out

MARCH 12, 2008

Land sales frozen on lake trout lakes

Development stopped by moratorium on Crown land sales.

Minister says no to town on land sales

JANUARY 21, 2008

Truck salvaged from under the ice

A photo essay of a pickup salvaged from the bottom of Lake Temagami.

JANUARY 21, 2008

Canoe route maintenance in 2007

Good Samaritans with sweat and Parks with money were busy keeping the backcountry accessible and clean.

JANUARY 11, 2008

January thaw thins ice

Above freezing temperatures have melted snow and thinned ice.

DECEMBER 11, 2007

Forum access issue

Use this new link to the forum and upgrade your bookmark. The link has changed with a move to a new server platform.

DECEMBER 1, 2007


Freeze-up! December 15

Dec 18: post-freeze-up satellite view

Dec 14: Freeze-up slowed

Dec 10: Holdouts

Dec 8: Freeze-up continues

Dec 5: Most lakes iced over

Nov 30: Freeze-up begins

OCTOBER 2, 2007

Fall spectacle

Fall is upon Temagami and the colours are peaking, visible in this satellite image.

Photo of Sharp Rock

SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

Wolf Lake old growth logging?

World's largest remaining old-growth red pine forest in jeopardy.

Land sought to swap for Wolf Lake old growth

JULY 23, 2007

Old growth gathering at Wolf Lake

Aug 24-26 gathering on threat to world's largest old-growth red pine forest.

JUNE 10, 2007

Logged forest will be seen from Maple Mountain

Logged forest will mar the pristine view from the summit of legendary Maple Mountain.

Logging to leave thin band of Lady Evelyn Lake shoreline

JUNE  4, 2007

Kellys' crossover: from bad land to promised land

The once-daunting portage now has an alternative.

JUNE  3, 2007

Endangered Canoe Routes 2007

Routes threatened with destruction this year.

MAY  24, 2007

Hiking trail map is out

Growing network of trails featured

MAY  17, 2007

Fire ban lifted

The eight-day Crown-land fire ban across northeastern Ontario lifted.

APRIL  21, 2007

50,000th camper coming this summer

This summer 50,000 campers will have attended Temagami youth camps.

MARCH  28, 2007



Historical break-up dates

Break-up! April 27 Ice goes out overnight

Lake level: Hub of Lake Temagami opens

Apr 25: satellite: Deep lakes hold onto ice

Apr 24: satellite: big lakes opening in spots

Lake level: Apr. 23 wind pushes ice

Apr 22: satellite: breakup on small lakes

Lake level: ice moves

Apr 19: satellite

Lake level: lead starting

Apr 18: satellite A first peek around clouds

Spring melt underway

Warm weather restricts ice travel

MARCH 23, 2007

Fall season's ceremony set for Sept 15

The seventh annual traditional ceremony to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

MARCH  20, 2007

Conservation groups mull over merger

Three groups see big advantages to unification.

MARCH  1, 2007

Four convicted of Maple Mountain graffiti

Four women convicted of last summer's spray painting.

FEBRUARY 26, 2007

Spring rendezvous in wilderness park

At Hap Wilson's wilderness retreat at Cabin Falls on Victoria Day weekend.

FEBRUARY 6, 2007

Canoeist's tip nabs gate crasher

Wilderness park illegal-access conviction.

JANUARY 19, 2007

Wolf Lake's old-growth red pine

One of the world's largest remaining old-growth red pine forests surrounds Wolf Lake.

Canoeists' Town Square: Temagami Outfitting

This unique outfitter on the waterfront of Temagami village is the canoeists' drop-in centre.

DECEMBER  21, 2006

Parks and rec plan released

The preliminary parks and recreation plan (TIP) for Temagami has been released and is available for downloading at the TIP website.

DECEMBER  5, 2006

Freeze-up watch

Jan 16: satellite Lake Temagami freeze-up again

Jan 13: satellite Low temps build the ice

Freeze-up: round II  Photos of the ice

Jan 10: satellite Low temps, ice return again

Everlasting freeze-up  A photo gallery of ice havoc

Dec 29: lake level Low temps and calm bring ice over

Dec 29: satellite Low temps accelerate ice-up

Dec 28 Freeze-up renewed

Dec 25 Christmas Day paddle

Dec 21 Unprecedented break-up progresses

Dec 19 Warm temperatures reverse freeze-up

Dec 5 Large lakes freezing

Dec 4 Satellite image reveals freeze-up in progress

NOVEMBER  20, 2006

Sturgeon River Park to shrink

Mining claims get in way of park expansion.

Potential parkland

OCTOBER  30, 2006

Historic Crystal Portage

A bridge across land and millenia

OCTOBER  2, 2006

Fall colours

Autumn seen from space:  Oct 2  Sept 26

AUGUST 17, 2006

Maple Mountain defaced

Authorities investigating Maple Mountain graffiti

First Nation upset by defiling of mountain

Maple Mountain graffiti partially concealed

Maple Mountain defacement remains unresolved

Four convicted of Maple Mountain graffiti

JULY 6, 2006

Chiniguchi River gets parked

A new patch of green is added to the map near Lake Wanapitei.

JULY 6, 2006

New Canoe Route: Misabi Lake

Between Bob and Diamond lakes.

By Paul Tamburro

MAY 31, 2006

Changing of the Seasons fall gathering September 16

The sixth annual Nishnabai ceremony to celebrate the changing of the seasons will be held September 15 to 17 on Obabika Lake.

MAY 25, 2006

Chiniguchi series

Part I: Overview

Part II: Avoiding some congested areas

Part III: Access

New park

Historic Crystal Portage

Wolf Lake's old-growth red pine

Kellys' crossover: from bad land to promised land

MAY 19, 2006

New parks act threatens Temagami parks

Once a promise, now a peril, the bill needs to be rescued.

APRIL 23, 2006

Ice is out - April 22

Second earliest break-up since 1985.

Ice-level photos: April 23  April 21-22  April 19-20  April 18

Satellite photos: April 20  April 18  April 17  April 16  April 13  April 10  April 9  Mar 26

APRIL 10, 2006

Endangered Canoe Routes 2006

Routes threatened with destruction this year.

By Bob Olajos

APRIL 7, 2006

Nastawgan Network takes on canoe route protection

New group forms to protect neglected and endangered nastawgan

MARCH 6, 2006

Too much snow

Gerry Gooderham's photos show the heavy snow this winter that is making for tough travel.

FEBRUARY 21, 2006

Review of Hap's latest book

Wilson's first non-travel book, The Cabin, follows his lifelong search for a dream cabin in the wilds.

FEBRUARY 1, 2006

Aerial photo gallery - Jan 31, '06

Another spectacular set of shots by Andy Stevens.

JANUARY 30, 2006

Ontario's Rooftop

Temagami's best known peak is not its highest.

Part I: Ontario's Rooftop

Part II: In-depth Ishpatina

Part III: In-depth Maple Mountain

JANUARY 23, 2006

Park fees increase

Overnight-camping fees in the backcountry parks will rise this summer.

JANUARY 8, 2006

Last open water - Jan 8

This infrared photo shows Lake Wanapitei newly ice-covered (the inset shows open water two days ago).

DECEMBER 5, 2005

Freeze-up! - Dec 13

The lakes are frozen. Stunning photos by Gerry Gooderham and by satellite show the freeze-up progression.

Gooderham: First trip on the ice - Dec 14

Satellite: Freeze-up in infrared - Dec 13

Gooderham: Ogama Island - Dec 12

Satellite: Revealing infrared of Dec 12

             True-colour - Dec 10

Gooderham: Ogama Island - Dec 10

                   Boat traffic dwindling - Dec 9

                   Dec 8

                   Bays icing up on Lake Temagami Dec 7

Satellite: Photo - Dec 5

A short history of freeze-up

DECEMBER 1, 2005 

Friends of Chiniguchi launched

New group will fight for park and protection of southwest Temagami.

NOVEMBER 13, 2005

Snow shows changing forest  from space - November 11

The first snow reveals the big picture.

NOVEMBER 11, 2005

Building a bark canoe

Englishman Rick Whitehead writes about living with elder Alex Mathias and building a birchbark canoe.

NOVEMBER 11, 2005

Spectacular Ishpatina - Nov 10

An eagle's view of Ontario's highest elevation as winter approaches, taken by airborne voyageur Andy Stevens.

OCTOBER 22, 2005

Fall colours from space - October 21

The colour change can be seen in this satellite photo, as well as a forest fire.  Oct. 9

SEPTEMBER 29, 2005

Fire threat eases after extreme season

September experienced a late-season fire surge and the end of the drought.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2005

Solace-Hamlow crossover

Abandoned and almost forgotten, some intrepid canoeists have re-opened the route. 


A look back: fire on the mountain

July 11, fire struck Maple Mountain.

AUGUST 11, 2005

Atlas addition: Kokoko/Spawning bays

A new section has been added to Lake Temagami Atlas.

JULY 19, 2005

Water bomber in action

The Super Scooper sucks it up on Temagami.


Saving Temagami from the chainsaw 

After 12 years of quiet in the heartland of Temagami, logging has targeted the Muskego Wildlands, Spirit Forest and Misabi Range and parts of Lake Temagami. Keep up to date on events. 

AUGUST 5, 2005

Fire ban removed

The fire ban has been lifted for all of northeastern Ontario, except Wawa.

JUNE 10, 2005

Backcountry Parks Guide

A traveller's guide to permits, rules and where they apply.

MAY 6, 2005

Break-up over 20 years

List of break-up dates over two decades.

APRIL 17 - MAY 4, 2005


The lakes are ice-free after one of the longest break-ups in years.

Satellite view - Apr 17

Ice level - Apr 17  Ice level - Apr 18

Ice level - Apr 19  Ice level - Apr 20

Ice level - Apr 21  Satellite view - Apr 21

Ice level - Apr 22  Ice level - Apr 23

Ice level - Apr 24  Ice level - Apr 25

Ice level - Apr 26  Ice level - Apr 27

Ice level - Apr 28  Ice level - Apr 29

Ice level - Apr 30  Ice level - May 1

Satellite view - May 1

Ice level break-up - May 2-3

Satellite view - May 4 after break-up

APRIL 15, 2005

Current conditions in Temagami

Consolidation of online resources for the current situation, including weather, water and the fire-hazard status.

APRIL 9, 2005

Hi-res satellite photo library goes online

Google now has a library of North American satellite images online that cover Temagami.

Satellite library home

APRIL 1, 2005

Ice cracks

Photos of pressure cracks on Obabika Lake in late March.

MARCH 22, 2005

Series: Steamboats of Lake Temagami,  1903-45

   Part I  Part II  Part III

FEBRUARY 18, 2005

Aubrey Cosens: a war hero and a boat

A generation travelled on the Lake Temagami passenger boat named for the winner of the Victoria Cross.  BY ANGUS SCULLY

JANUARY 11, 2005

Maple Mountain Myth

The mountain is one of our most visited sites, but is it the highest point in Ontario?

JANUARY 11, 2005

Book review: Winter on Diamond

A new book recounts the adventures and misadventures of a winter spent on Diamond Lake by Hap Wilson and the author, Soren Bondrup-Nielsen.

Freeze-up watch: fall 2004

December 24 Freeze-up complete

December 20 Travel starts across the ice

December 17 Last boat run

December 17 Freeze-up progresses

December 15 Around the Hub, Lake Temagami

December 14 Freeze-up accelerates: satellite view

December 6 Freeze-up visible: satellite view

December 1 Winter approaches: satellite view

SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

Maple Mountain logging slated for winter

Long the inviolable symbol of wild and pristine Temagami, slopes of the Maple Mountain range will be logged this winter.

Maple Mountain road and logging gets go-ahead

MNR reneges on road ban

Mountain logging surprise to many

Public comment extended               

Temagami's gateway 1881-1904

The trail of the first surveyors and earliest tourists arriving on the heels of the CPR's arrival at Mattawa, the time between pre-historic and historic Temagami.

Who was Lady Evelyn?

And how did she get her name on the biggest park and one of the biggest lakes.

Park fees arrived in summer of '04

Camping fees were in place for backcountry parks. Fees can be paid at Finlayson Park, Temagami Outfitting or Smoothwater Outfitters.

A five-part series:  Part I  II  III  IV  V  New signs

Temagami Atlas expanded

New hot links have been added, Whitefish Bay and Sharp Rock merged and Kokoko Lake map added.

Temagami from space 

2004: Dec 24  Dec 17  Dec 14  Dec 6  Dec 1  Ice free: May 10  Ice breaks: Apr 20 Freezeup: Jan 11  Freezing-up: Jan 4

2003: Freezing-up: Dec 15  Nov 29  First snow: Nov 8  Fall colours 2003  Clearcuts  May 7  May 3  March 9  January 24  January 10  New Years Day      

2002: Christmas Day  Dec. 16  Dec 16 

New guidebook reviewed

The highly-anticipated Temagami backcountry guide is out, and better than ever.

Canoe Routes

Selected routes from the old edition of the bible of Temagami canoeing.

Clear-cuts visible from space

Satellite photo shows extent of clear-cutting, and where they are going next.


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